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How to improve your life and destiny with the help of numerology

How to improve your life and destiny with the help of numerology

Numerology is the oldest science that studies the energetics of numbers. The power of numbers can be used for your own benefit if you use it wisely and according to certain rules.

With the help of numerology, you can determine your karmic debt, destiny, chances of success in love or finances, and also find out who you were in your past life. Even numerology helps determine how the numbers affect our business. In difficult moments of life, you can use numbers with the most positive energy and character, and soon the situation will change for the better.

Numbers that increase spiritual potential

If you are in search of something new in your life, the numbers will help you. 3 and 7. Troika is the number of searches for new hobbies, hobbies. It helps to cope with laziness, out of the creative or professional crisis.

If you are overtaken by apathy and you do not know which direction to go next, the number 3 will help you decide on this more quickly. Surround yourself with this number if you do not know what to expect from life. The most powerful combination of Troika — with blue or purple.

Seven — a source of inspiration. Seven gives confidence that you are doing, eliminates unnecessary doubts. Seven is best combined with black.

The energy of the number is powerful, but calm, so it takes some time to fully activate its energy.

Love numbers

Numbers of love is Quartet and Unit. The unit helps, above all, to tune in to the process of finding love. It has an incredible impact on people. If you add an element with the image of this number to your image, for example, a print on clothes or a pendant, you can find a loved one much faster.

Together with this number it is better to use red color. He will help to attract the attention of others to his person. A side effect may be excessive attention from people, multiple conflicts and unnecessary communication.

Four — the number of assistance to lovers. If you are already in a relationship or in a marriage, then the number Four will be a happy talisman for you. It will help stabilize the situation in relations not only between lovers, but also between all family members, will have a strengthening effect on love and family ties.

Numbers of rest and activity

Nine — A number that helps people be more active. The colors matching this number are yellow, green, blue. The best precious metal talisman is gold. The best stone is turquoise.

Nine helps to activate the necessary departments of consciousness and chakras that are responsible for the desire to develop, to go forward and overcome any obstacles. Numerologists call this number the best friend of such Zodiac signs as Aries, Aquarius and Sagittarius.

The best number to stay — Eight. It seems to be walking in a circle, it is fixated, therefore its energy is constant, calm, measured. The number 8 shares its talent with people, so do not be afraid to surround yourself with this number if you need to slow down, calm down, rest. Eight — an assistant in relaxation.

It helps a person to be more attentive to his physical and emotional state. Surround yourself with Eight more while on vacation, during calm and measured periods of life.

Numbers of physical strength, sociability and intuition

Two and Six — These are numbers that help to increase physical strength, energy of a person and endurance. These are the best talismans for those who work physically, and not intellectually. For example, their help will be useful during periods of training with athletes.

Two and Six act a little differently, but they can be used together.

In some cases, these numbers also act as a catalyst for human sociability. If you need to become more open, then the Two will help you in the best way. Six will improve your intuition. With a deuce, it is better to use orange or white colors.

With the number 6 you can wear something blue.

The amount of money and financial luck

This is about The top five. This number is the golden mean. It has several important properties. First, the number 5 improves people’s logical thinking.

If you surround yourself with fives, you can better solve math problems, it is easier to build logical chains. It really helps people who need maximum concentration at work. Secondly, the Five helps to search for motivation in order not to postpone business for later. Thirdly, this number helps profitably buy and sell things, negotiate, diplomatically defend their point of view.

All this is very important in modern market relations.

Numbers help to avoid trouble, attract luck, improve and correct fate. Using them correctly will help you succeed in any field. The necessary numbers can be on your desktop in your computer, on your phone, on clothes, can be written on paper.

You can even just think about these numbers during any case, because thoughts are a powerful tool for building reality. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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