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How to find out the character by date of birth: secrets of numerology

How to find out the character by date of birth: secrets of numerology

What are numbers? Is it just information about the quantity? Not really.

Numbers are a kind of language spoken by all people on our planet. In addition, the figures capture the centuries-old wisdom of many nations. Each number in antiquity was endowed with its own properties and value.

A man is everywhere pursued by numbers. From the very moment of birth they appear in his life and do not leave him until his death. They influence fate, determine many aspects of his life, and even shape his character.

So, with the help of numerology of numbers, you can find out your characteristics, abilities, hidden potential and talents.

First you need to calculate the numerology of your birth. The easiest way to find out is to add the numbers in the date. For example, you were born on the 29th. Add up all the numbers and get a single number: 2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2. The two is the numerological number of your birth.

What does it mean?

Number 1 — will define a person positive and creative. This number is ruled by the Sun, which gives a person many positive qualities. If your birth number is 1, then you are a bright individual, striving for freedom and independence.

By nature, you are a leader who can easily climb up the career ladder.

Number 2 ruled by the moon. People of this number have a soft character and a rich imagination. Often they live in their illusions and poorly adapted to the realities of harsh reality. If the number of your character is 2 — then you are a romantic and a dreamer.

Nature has endowed you with many talents. You can easily find yourself in the field of art. Your only disadvantage is self-doubt.

Number 3 is under the auspices of Jupiter. People who have this number of character have pronounced leadership qualities. If this is your number, then you are a reputable person in your environment, or at least strive for it.

You are very organized and disciplined, able to bring any business to the end. Your commitment and ambition will help you in your career.

By number 4 ruled by Uranus. People of this number are resolute and capricious natures. They are not afraid of difficulties, they are ready to swim against the stream for the sake of only one goal. Perseverance, the ability to hold on to one’s point of view and not to deviate from the principles — that’s what characterizes such people.

Their money is of little interest, sometimes they are ready to fight only for the sake of equality, freedom and independence. These are revolutionary people.

Number 5 ruled by mercury. People born with the character of this number are very impulsive, resolute and intelligent. They have the intelligence and acumen that help them make money easily and live in prosperity.

People of this number can easily find contact with any person and emerge victorious from any difficult situation. Their decisions are often spontaneous, which sometimes complicates their lives. However, they are ready to overcome any difficulties and get back on their feet.

Number 6 personifies the planet Venus. People having a six in a numerological number appreciate beauty and art. They are very charming and sociable.

As a rule, they have many friends and secret admirers. The people of number 6 are picky about relationships and do not tolerate betrayal and indifference towards them. They are distinguished by determination and purposefulness.

Number 7 is under the auspices of Neptune. People of this number are very individual and mysterious. They are attracted by long journeys and adventures.

They are not afraid of change and look at life positively. Money does not play a special role for seven people, the most important thing for them is self-realization and independence. Most people of this number have extrasensory abilities.

They are interested in all the unknown and secret.

Number 8 ruled by Saturn. The life of eight people is fatal. As a rule, their lives can occur only in two scenarios: either they achieve everything they want and find happiness, or they are faced with one bad luck, a routine life and poverty.

Often, such people do not find support and understanding in society; from this they feel lonely. But loneliness does not frighten them. Their powerful fortitude helps them to cope with any difficulties.

Number 9 — this is mars. People of this number have strong willed character. As a rule, in their youth they experience not the best times, but later they easily overcome all difficulties and become leaders.

Often they are arrogant, rude and aggressive. The point is in their fighting character, which is not always linked to a peaceful existence.

Numerology by date of birth can tell you a lot. However, you can create a complete picture of your personality by using other esoteric sciences, such as astrology and palmistry, for example. But even with the help of numerology, you can easily define your essence in order to get to know yourself a little better.

Perhaps you are hiding such abilities and talents, which you did not even suspect?

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