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How to determine the color of the aura using numerology

How to determine the color of the aura using numerology

Aura is what each of us has. For some, it is stronger, for someone it is weaker, but we all agree on one thing: the aura can be improved, strengthened. For this you need only a sincere desire.

The numerology of the date of birth will help you determine the color of your aura, and consequently, the strengths of your personality. Figures surround us everywhere and always — this is the essence of the universe. Energy waves penetrating space and matter affect our aura, the strength of which can be estimated using simple numerological calculations.

What is a person’s aura

Imagine that there is an invisible capsule around you in which you live. Each person has such a strange feeling when he is next to someone and understands that he is good or, on the contrary, uncomfortable. A feeling of discomfort indicates that the aura of the interlocutor does not harmonize with yours.

It may even be an energy vampire who drains the life force from you.

The size of your biofield is approximately the length of your arm. This is the same capsule in which you are always. If your aura intersects with a positive and appropriate aura of another person, you will feel a surge of strength and good mood.

Otherwise, as mentioned above, you will want to get away. When there are many people in the same room, then we can talk about such a concept as the aura of a place. Not a place affects the mood of people, but people create a mood in a particular place.

How to determine the color of the aura

There is an important concept — the color of the aura. Each person has his own color, and from the very birthday to the last breath. He is unchanged.

Only the power of the energy biofield is changing. In depressed, evil and sad people, the aura dims, and in positive, kind and cheerful people it becomes brighter.

By date of birth, you can find out what is the color of your aura, and therefore your strengths and weaknesses. Add all the digits of your date of birth. For example, if you were born on 11/15/1977, then you will have 1 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 32.

Further, if you have a two-digit number, as in the example, add the numbers again. 3 + 2 = 5. The important point is that you do not need to add two units and two twos, if you get the number 11 or 22.

These are important numbers that have their own colors attributed.

one. If you succeed unit, then the color of your aura is white. Such a biofield suggests that you are an idealist.

Let this not manifest itself in all spheres of life, but you still have a certain desire for an ideal. People who have a white biofield are partly deprived of the estimated perception of the world, therefore they rarely experience problems with emotions. Such people have few real friends, because they often keep away from themselves all those who they do not like something.

They are not afraid of loneliness. They are almost always late in starting their own family.

2. Two says that the color of your aura is red. These people like the spirit of rivalry. They are selfish, warlike and unprincipled, but not always.

In love, people with such a biofield are very hot and emotional. Such qualities help them to succeed in business as well and quickly climb the career ladder. If your number is Deuce, and the color of the aura is red, then you are a born leader and a rather strong personality in general, but you have many enemies and rivals.

3. Three Is a number green auras. Green is an invisible shield that protects you from disease and bad mood. People with green auras always know what they want from life, so they rarely get into awkward situations.

They are well able to plan things for the future and do not delay with the solution of urgent problems, because they always have free time. Most long-livers have exactly the green color of the aura. This biofield helps keep the body in good shape and resist disease.

four. If the sum of the digits of your date of birth gave four, then the color of your aura is blue. This color gives biopoly a special power. People with this color have the best intuition of all.

In addition to the sixth sense, you have the potential to become a real psychic or healer. You must have noticed that they turn to you for help, for advice. You create the impression of a person who understands life.

This knowledge can help you quite rarely, but they always help others around you.

5. Five — a number indicating the color of your biofield — bluish turquoise. This color makes a person calm and moderately cold. People with this color of the aura are least likely to suffer from depression.

Most great athletes have a turquoise aura, because it gives patience and stamina. Also, such people do well with the exact sciences.

6. Six — this is the number saying that the color of your aura is Orange. Orange is somewhere between yellow and red, so it is filled with vital energy, good mood, fortitude and perseverance.

People with an orange aura love long conversations, they appreciate every moment of their lives. These are the most cheerful and the brightest, most cheerful people of all.

7. Seven in numerology the date of birth is inextricably linked to yellow color aura person. From birth, such people seem aliens.

They differ from others in almost everything. Over time, this passes, because growing up teaches them that in some things, originality is not always appreciated. One way or another, but as far as learning speed is concerned, there is simply no equal to these people.

8. Pink Aura color corresponds eight. The pink aura makes its master a connoisseur of art, and in all its manifestations. Most of these people succeed in writing, drawing, music, dancing, and so on.

Such a biofield can make its carrier independent from an early age. By type of temperament, these people are most often phlegmatic.

9. Nine — this purple aura. Such people adore society and strive to occupy the most advantageous position in it. They love everything new, modern.

The reason is simple — such people look far into the future, because they are not used to standing still. Sometimes it prevents them from enjoying the real moment of life, but it helps to get rid of the extra negative.

11 and 22 — these are two special numbers that correspond to gold and silver Colour. People are «golden» inventive, smart and have an excellent sense of humor. Their vocation is the love with which they devote their whole lives. Often their first marriage does not bring them satisfaction, but from the second time everything turns out as it should.

They more than anyone else know what they need for complete happiness in life, so they don’t waste their time.

The silver color of the aura is the color of protection. These are impenetrable personalities who are not afraid of anything or anyone. The only thing they need is the correct and effective support of loved ones, because without it, life can become chaos.

These are the most caring parents and the best, loyal friends.

By the color of the aura, you can even talk about love compatibility. Compare your color and the color of your soulmate to find out what you need to work on in the future and how to avoid various problems in a relationship. Be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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