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Angelic numerology: the value of the same numbers on the clock

Angelic numerology: the value of the same numbers on the clock

Our guardian angels often try to contact us, sometimes with the help of numbers that surround us. But in order to feel their help, you need to know what to look for, and numerology will help with this.

Guardian angels are called upon to protect our lives, and they do their work well, but we rarely listen to them. And sometimes we do not even notice the signs sent from above. In failure, we are accustomed to refer to coincidence or chance.

You need to trust your instincts, listen to the sixth sense.

It is worth paying attention to the repeating numbers — with their help, the angels contact us. Repetition of the same numbers surrounds us everywhere: on the street, at home, at work. This can be a car number, a road sign, a check at a store or a time on a clock.

If you often see a combination of the same numbers, it means that they want to reach you with important information.

The value of numbers on the clock in numerology

Do not be afraid if you are pursued by the same numbers. Angels want you to notice these signs. The numbers have a huge impact on us, you can not underestimate the birth numerology «> numerology.

Pay attention to them, do not ignore. Of particular importance are the mirror numbers: 12:21, 14:41, — or repeating: 03:03, 02:02. The most accurate signs are reported on Wednesday and Thursday. Do not forget to glance at your watches these days:

  • 00:00 — indicates that you need to make a wish: it will come true, if your thoughts are pure;
  • 01:01 — joyful news from a close one is in a hurry;
  • 01:10 — the thing that you have recently become involved in, will give you a good result;
  • 01:11 — a lucrative offer will be received;
  • 02:02 — fun time is planned;
  • 02:20 — do not give in to provocations of people;
  • 02:22 — they hide something from you;
  • 03:03 — love is near;
  • 03:30 — unresponsive feelings;
  • 03:33 — joy and success hurry to you;
  • 04:04 — it is desirable to review their problems;
  • 04:40 — luck is not on your side;
  • 04:44 — risk of being reprimanded at work;
  • 05:05 — you are surrounded by enemies, which you do not suspect;
  • 05:50 — beware of the elements;
  • 05:55 — it is possible to meet with a very intelligent person who will clarify a lot;

  • 06:06 — close wedding;
  • 07:07 — beware of the military;
  • 08:08 — increase;
  • 09:09 — the loss of personal belongings is likely;
  • 10:01 — meeting with influential people;
  • 10:10 — change is coming;
  • 11:11 — be attached to a person or thing;
  • 12:12 — success in love relationships;
  • 12:21 — a pleasant acquaintance;
  • 13:13 — beware of competitors;
  • 13:31 — the long-awaited dream will come true;
  • 14:14 — love is paramount today;
  • 14:41 — face setbacks;
  • 15:15 — listen to the advice;
  • 15:51 — a stormy passion awaits you;
  • 16:16 — be careful on the road;
  • 17:17 — beware of attack;
  • 18:18 — do not drive;
  • 19:19 — success is expected;
  • 20:02 — a petty quarrel with relatives is possible;
  • 20:20 — family troubles;
  • 21:12 — the birth of new ideas;
  • 21:21 — fervent feelings towards a person;
  • 22:22 — meeting new people;
  • 23:23 — an unfavorable romance;
  • 23:32 — an unexpected disease.

Angelic numerology in other numbers around us

Throughout the day, we are surrounded by numbers everywhere, and we are used to it. But there are cases when the same number pursues, “follows on the heels”. The message, encrypted by the guardian angel, seeks to reach the addressee. For example, when you go out to the street, you meet an ad for renting an apartment, and on it is a phone number with similar numbers.

After some time, a car passes by, in the license plate of which the same numbers are again visible. A call arrives on your mobile phone and you notice all the same numbers. Doubts away — the Higher Forces are trying to contact you. This is just one example of how angels work.

It is worth considering what you want to bring.

The number 111. An abundance of opportunities. If your plans come true, you will succeed.

This combination shows how the Higher Forces strive to help realize your dreams.

The number 222. They are trying to tell you that it is time to tackle their problems, to take up their own lives. Now it is necessary to support your soul with powerful positive energy.

The number is 333. Angels protect you and want to show that every step you take is not ignored. They surround you with love and happiness.

The number 444. Keepers watch over you, helping to solve problems. Do not be afraid to contact them for help.

The number is 555. Expect significant changes in your life. But it is not known what exactly they will bring.

Angels ask you to think about the good and attract only positive energy.

The number 666. An evil number. They warn you that you spend too much energy on material values. It blackens the soul.

Need to do self-improvement in the spirit of the plan.

The number 777. Your dreams have begun to come true. Expected only good in the near future.

Angels consider you to be worthy contenders for happiness.

The number 888. Keepers report that you achieve success. Soon your reward will be attributed to your labors.

Continue in the same spirit.

The number 999. This combination indicates that you have abandoned personal growth. It is necessary to complete your business and look around: perhaps some of your loved ones need help.

They need you.

The number 000. Angels express their love and report that you have coped with an impossible task.

Numerology has long predicted the future with the help of numbers. Higher forces endow each digit with energy and various properties. And with the help of this exact science, the angels daily communicate with us. However, angelic numerology is a relatively new science.

Every day we learn new things about the meanings of the messages. We ask you not to ignore the angels, they protect and strive to help make your life better. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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