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Moonstone: a universal talisman for women

Moonstone: a universal talisman for women

There is a huge amount of stone talismans, but the Moonstone, according to experts in the field of bioenergy, is the best and versatile mascot for women.

Energy of the fair sex depends on a lot of factors. Stones, precious metals and other powerful charged talismans help a woman draw strength literally from nowhere. The support of the stones is constant, but not always properly felt.

And the Moonstone can change its «mood», adjusting to you.

What determines the energy and luck of a woman

First, from the mood. When a person is depressed, he cannot shine. In a bad mood, it is difficult for a person to tune in to work, to work, to love. As for the female essence, then for the beautiful half of humanity, the mood becomes even more important.

Good luck in love and in deeds goes away from depressed people, because others do not want to infect with this negative.

Secondly, from thoughts. Thoughts may depend on mood or belief. We already mentioned the mood above, but beliefs can be formed from childhood.

If these beliefs are negative, then they are also called virus programs. They sit deep inside the subconscious, so it becomes sometimes impossible to remove them from there without special practices. For example, affirmations for good luck may help, but in any case it will take time to correct negative programs.

Third, from stars and planets. The influence of celestial objects on our lives is obvious. Depending on what Zodiac sign you belong to, planets and stars can affect you in different ways. The sun and the moon act about the same, but their action is much more serious.

Because they are present in our life always — the sun by day, and the moon by night.

A special role is played by the proximity of the moon. This night light affects the female energy is incredibly strong. Moonstone helps women adapt to the mood of the moon.

How does the moonstone work

The moonstone helps both men and women, but for ladies it provides much more powerful support. The fact is that this talisman reacts very strongly to changes in the energy background of a person. Women are much more emotional than men, so the moonstone helps them restrain aggression, frustration, resentment.

Emotional men, he can also help to become more balanced, but not to that extent.

In the days of disharmony of the moon, this talisman is especially relevant, because the energy of the night star passes through the filter of the moonstone as through a prism. The talisman in the days of the negative Moon becomes an excellent talisman, and in the days of the positive and creative Moon it is charged. That is why it is necessary to try to put it at night so that the moonlight falls directly on him.

The light and bright energy of women is stabilized by the action of the moonstone, so the transition from hysterics to calmness becomes smoother. If you wear a moonstone on your neck or wrist, you can improve performance: the desire to work will increase, fatigue will go away faster. Another moonstone can save a woman or a girl from the evil eye.

He also reacts to the negative energy of other people in a timely manner. Moonstone helps to a lesser extent depend on negative generic and viral programs.

What is the best in the moonstone, you do not need to get used to it. He can help you today, and tomorrow he can be worn by your mother, grandmother or sister. It can be carried in a pocket, but its effect will be a little weakened. It is better to wear it on the chest on a string.

Worst of all, its energy is combined with gold chains, so try to wear it on silver or platinum, on chains of medical alloys.

The moonstone goes well with most other stones, but if you feel that the day will be successful, as indicated by the positive mood of the stars, the Sun and the Moon, then it is better to strengthen this mood with other talismans. In any other situation in the life of a woman must be a moonstone. He will help you understand what you really want from life. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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