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Monetary calendar for December

The monetary lunar calendar for December of the year

In order to always have prosperity and financial well-being in your home, ask for help in the money lunar calendar. Astrologers’ tips will help you plan your budget correctly and avoid unforeseen expenses.

Everyone knows that you can earn the desired amount only through hard work. Sometimes we want to increase our wealth, but with constant wastage it can be quite difficult. Sometimes an ordinary shopping trip can hit on our budget a lot.

On some days, new acquisitions should be avoided altogether, and sometimes you can even increase your income. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru advise you to look more often into the lunar money calendar so that you can maintain financial stability.

December 1-2: The moon is in the constellation Taurus. This Zodiac sign is considered a symbol of diligence, therefore, from December 1 to December 2, the best way to increase your income will be hard work and effort. Do not neglect overtime and do not be afraid to overstrain. If your efforts are noticed by the management, then a well-deserved reward will not take long.

Try not to waste money. Avoid investing in questionable companies and do not go into debt. During the rise of the moon, there is a risk of losing a large amount of money when faced with fraudsters.

If you happen to meet a person who assertively convinces you to invest in a project, think a few times before making a decision.

December 3-4: the period begins with the Full Moon in Gemini. This is the right time to plan your expenses. Make a list of necessary purchases and strictly follow it for a month. Thus, you will not spend extra money on unnecessary things and will be able to purchase only what is really beneficial for you.

Soon we will have a wonderful New Year holiday. The moon in Gemini is conducive to spending money on gifts. You can make the right choice, and your purchase will bring joy to you and your loved ones.

December 5-6: The waning Moon in Cancer is an inappropriate combination for big expenses and serious investments. This Zodiac sign is impulsive and can push you to rash purchases. Under the influence of this constellation, you can spontaneously buy anything without even thinking about whether you need this thing.

During this period, try to avoid shopping trips — set them aside for more favorable days for shopping.

December 7-8: The moon is in the constellation Leo — a strong and purposeful Sign. The period is favorable for achieving new career heights and increasing earnings. At 21 and 22 lunar days it is undesirable to lend money in order to avoid large losses.

The amount borrowed these days, you will wait a very long time, and you can completely say goodbye to her. It’s better not to borrow from other people either: other people’s money may have negative energy that can block your cash flow.

December 9-10: The moon is in Virgo. Even if you have a stable financial situation, you do not need to talk about this to others. During this period, the most negative human feelings intensify.

Any of them can affect your energy background, so the envy of other people can deprive you of what you have and take your luck. Try to avoid unplanned purchases: items purchased at this time may not meet your expectations.

December 11-13: the waning moon is located in the constellation Libra. During this period, it is undesirable to spend money. Devote yourself to other business and take a break from shopping.

You can spend more than planned, and this will greatly affect your financial situation. A waning moon in conjunction with Libra is favorable for planning large expenses. You can think about everything soberly, and then your decision will be balanced.

December 14-15: The moon in Scorpio is not the most favorable time for important transactions and monetary turnovers. During this period, avoid new business acquaintances: you may be drawn into ventures, because of which you will lose some of your savings. These days, it is desirable to aim at making a profit, not at wasting. There is a chance that you will be able to increase your income.

If you devote yourself to work, then in the future you will find a good reward.

December 16-18: the period ends with the New Moon. It is advisable not to waste money, but to plan future expenses. Do not visit the shops every day, even if you want to buy some little thing for the house.

Sometimes we spend a little more than we would like, but if this happens every day, then there is a risk of facing large losses. The moon in Sagittarius is a rather favorable combination in order to devote oneself to work. This Sign is very energetic, which will help you to feel the same.

Apply extra strength and you can earn the desired amount.

December 19-20: on this lunar day negative energy will reign. Try to avoid monetary manipulations, especially if you are advised to invest in a dubious project. You may encounter deceivers, which will lead to large financial losses. The moon is in the constellation Capricorn.

At this time, it is desirable to distribute all the debts and solve financial problems — this will update your monetary energy and will be the key to further success.

December 21-23: The moon is in Aquarius. This Zodiac is not economical and can push you to useless spending. Therefore, before going to the store make a shopping list and in any case do not buy anything extra. Only in this way can you save your money.

During the rise of the moon, you may notice a surge of energy. It is advisable to send it in the right direction and work hard. With an effort, you can move up the career ladder and get a good cash reward by the end of the month.

December 24-25: The moon in the constellation of Pisces is not the best period for interacting with finances. Postpone shopping trip for other days. Instead, devote yourself to communicating with loved ones or self-development. However, the work should not be neglected in order to avoid financial difficulties next month.

After all, holidays are a waste of time, and in the New Year we always have to face major expenses. It is advisable to prepare for vacation days and stock up on extra money for a «rainy day».

December 26-27: The lunar disk is located in the constellation Aries. This Mark is characterized by perseverance, so try with all the forces to achieve their goals. Offer new ideas, participate in the life of the team and try to build relationships with the authorities.

You will be able to establish yourself as a responsible employee and achieve a salary increase or a good bonus. You can also make new business contacts to help you resolve financial difficulties.

December 28-29: The moon in Taurus is the right time for charity. Do not forget that good deeds must be dealt with without negative thoughts and only at will. Do not regret the amount spent: in the future, your money will definitely come back to you, and possibly with wealth. Also, by the end of the year it is desirable to pay off all the debts and return the borrowed money.

The most important thing is to do it not on the last day, but in advance. In this way, you can start the new year from scratch, without unpleasant conflicts with other people.

December 30-31: The moon is in Gemini. During this period, spending should bring you only pleasure. Be sure to prepare for the New Year’s holiday and do not forget to buy gifts to relatives and friends. It is undesirable to recall financial difficulties, and even less to talk about them to other people.

To avoid monetary problems next year, start the new year with good mood and positive thoughts.

Surely you have heard from the signs and know that most of them can be true. Some things in our lives do not just happen. They are special signs that promise quick profit or even wealth. We wish you good luck and financial well-being, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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