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Lunar sowing calendar for september

Lunar Sowing Calendar for September

The recommendations of the lunar sowing calendar for September reflect the most successful days for practicing in the garden. Using the tips, you can grow excellent harvest and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Lunar energy affects all living things. Proper care of plants on suitable days for this will be the key to your success, including in attracting all the benefits with the help of indoor flowers of happiness.

Favorable and unfavorable days for sowing in August

September 1-2: The positive energy of the growing Moon, located in the constellation of Capricorn, has a positive effect on plants. These days, you can safely engage in planting and transplanting perennials, including shrubs and trees. Thanks to the active energy of the constellation, your efforts will pay off, and the harvest for the next year will please you with excellent taste.

Recommended loosening of the soil and abundant watering of newly planted plants.

September 3-4: The moon in the sign of Aquarius negatively affects the planting of new plants that will not have sufficient strength for active growth. During this period, active care of the existing plantings, formation of the crown in fruit and berry bushes, weeding and sowing of herbs that contribute to soil saturation with useful microelements will be favorable.

September 5-7: thanks to the positive energy sent by the constellation of Pisces and the growing moon, any manipulation of plants will be successful on September 5th. Newly planted crops will have good germination and a bountiful harvest, which, however, will not be suitable for long-term storage. In the period of the Full Moon on September 6, weeding and combating parasitic insects will be successful, and on September 7, the decreasing energy of the Moon is favorable for working with underground plant parts: transplanting and disembarking.

September 8-9: the waning moon these days will interact with the constellation Aries. This time is intended for recreation. Any manipulation of plants can lead to their disease and harm fragile shoots.

Pay attention to the preparation of new beds, earth mixtures and fertilizers for future work on the site.

September 10-11: the waning moon in the constellation of Taurus provides an opportunity to do selection work. These days, you can experiment with fruit trees to plant new varieties with them. On September 10 and 11, the newly planted perennial flowers will delight you with abundant flowering and a well-developed ground part of the plants.

September 12-13: The twins, in alliance with the energetics of the waning Moon, will ensure good seedlings of the seedlings, but already the adult plants will be at rest. Astrologers recommend using these days for sanitary pruning of shrubs and short trees, planting lawn grass and soaking seeds for future use.

September 14-15: The constellation of Cancer in the period of the waning moon is not the best time for active intervention in the life of plants. Keep them safe for these two days, protecting new landings from the adverse effects of the weather. From September 14 to 15 it is worthwhile to limit watering of perennial flowers that are being prepared for wintering.

Prepare a covering material for them so that their roots do not suffer during the first frost before snow falls.

September 16-17: Energy Leo will be unfavorable for your landings. They need rest for recuperation. Use this time to prepare mineral fertilizers that are needed to restore the fertile layer in the soil.

These days, you can do the destruction of garden ants on the plant-free beds, so that next year nobody would disturb your plants.

September 18-20: On Monday and Tuesday, the waning moon in the constellation Virgo will have a positive effect on plants. On these days it is possible to plant onions and garlic for the winter, harvesting and preparing seeds for the next year. In the period of the New Moon on September 20, the plants need a break.

Try not to disturb them, so as not to harm us = the root system.

September 21-22: the average fertility sign of Libra and the harmonious energy of the growing Moon will be successful for collecting seeds and harvesting medicinal raw materials. These days are also suitable for planting perennials, which will have a strong root system and will provide disease-resistant shoots.

September 23-24: The constellation Scorpio will positively influence plant growth, so use weekends to plan and plant perennial flowers in your garden. This time will be the same as for the purchase of new berry bushes, which will be actively bearing fruit next year.

September 25-27: The positive influence of Sagittarius and the growth of the Moon will provide you with three full days of active work on the site. Low-fertility mark is not suitable for planting vegetables, which will have a small crop, but active weeding, watering and loosening the soil will provide your plants with oxygen access to the roots, which will increase their strength.

September 28-29: The moon in Capricorn is a great time for harvesting and harvesting seeds for the coming year. These days are filled with positive energy, conducive to the care of all kinds of plants, shrubs and trees. Harvest the seeds of greens in the winter to enjoy the juicy lettuce and parsley planted in the winter garden.

September 30th: The constellation of Aquarius completes the first month of autumn. A fruitless sign on energy means that you and your landings need rest. Dedicate this time to your favorite hobby or trek through garden shops to buy earthy mixtures and fertilizers.

With the help of the lunar calendar for every day, you will be able to correctly plan your daily activities, as well as choose the most successful days for the acquisition of new plants in your collection. Attract abundance and good luck to your home with the help of indoor plants, and do not forget to press buttons and

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