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Lunar Sowing Calendar for October

Lunar sowing calendar for October of the year

The summer season of the year is nearing the end, but this does not mean that the plants will not need to be cared for. The lunar sowing calendar for October will help you prepare the plants for the winter period.

Of course, it is still a month before winter, but already now low temperatures can seriously damage both the aboveground part of the plants and their root system. Find yourself a lesson in the garden to get rid of the autumn blues.

October 1-2: in the first two days of October, the growing moon will remain in the sign of Aquarius. This means that plants should not be disturbed. The maximum that can be done is to harvest a ripe crop, but only carefully, so as not to damage the branches and stems, because wounds will heal very slowly.

On such days, plants are very difficult to transplant. Try not to water them, because this can also negatively affect their “mood” and health. On October 2, towards the evening, it will be possible to slightly moisten the soil.

October 3-4: these days the rise of the moon will continue, but already in the sign of Pisces. Such a union will be extremely positive for almost any business in the garden and garden. Sowing, planting, transplanting, harvesting — all this will be very useful.

Engage in watering and loosening, as well as planting seedlings. Collected previously unripe fruits will be able to gain color and useful substances lying on the windowsill in the sun. The only thing that astrologers do not advise to do — is to engage in trimming plants.

October 5: Full Moon in Aries. It will be a surprisingly auspicious day for working in the garden. The moon will be very strong, which will be good news for those who collect medicinal herbs.

Any pruning of plants and cutting flowers will be a great thing on such an energetically powerful day. Do not plant plants, because they will take root very badly. As for plowing and weeding, then astrologers also give a green light.

The day will be good for winter preparations.

October 6: after the Full Moon, there will be a period of decreasing Moon. She will remain in Aries, so that the strongest dissonance between the energy of the stars and the Moon will be the reason for postponing the garden case for another time. The harvest collected on the 16th lunar day will not lie for long, so let the fruit still hang on the branches, gain strength.

October 7-8: Taurus and the waning moon — this is a great combination for crops. On such days, the plants survive well at low temperatures and frosts, and also become stronger. From plants that you plant on October 7 or 8, you will get excellent fruiting units in the future.

7 numbers can be loosened, watered, treated plants with protective substances from pests. On October 8, Taurus will become slightly weaker, so it will be dangerous to loosen it. The root system will become more vulnerable.

October 9-10: the transition to the constellation of Gemini will make the moon less favorable for work on the garden. The element of Air will well affect the saturation of plants with carbon dioxide, but otherwise, you will need to try to be as careful as possible. Even watering plants will need to be moderately plentiful, trying to follow the rules.

If you make a mistake, the consequences may not be the most pleasant.

October 11-22: The cancer that takes the stage these two days will leave a pleasant mark. These will be two very favorable days for harvesting, for planting, any processing of plants and watering. If the cold hits, then it will be necessary to prepare the plants for the winter on October 11 and 12.

Grafting and root dressing will be a good choice for gardeners who want to do as much garden work as possible these days. Plants now need to strengthen the aboveground and underground parts. It will be a good time for cleaning the garden, removing large weeds and light weeding.

October 13-15: when the moon is in Leo, then everything in the garden goes upside down. Plants are not amenable to any work, so you should simply complete all the work begun earlier and leave both large and small plants alone. Pinching plants will be the most dangerous type of work. Landing is better to transfer to another time.

All this can have a very negative impact on the health of a particular culture.

October 16-17: the waning Moon in Virgo is always good news for the world of plants and the vegetable garden. In these two days you should pay attention to the home flowers, shrubs and plants from the family of the nightshade. These will be the strongest crops and plants of all. They can be transplanted, dive, loosen, pinch and so on.

It is advisable to fill them with water and nutrients by the evening of the 17th, because then the most favorable period will not come.

October 18-19. Scales affect the moon badly, especially on the last day of the descending moon. Your main task will be to find the strength to not touch the plants and let them live their lives.

You can only easily water them on the evening of the 18th. October 19 will be New moon. This is a big but negative event, which means that plants will need more time to recover if the root system is damaged.

Avoid deep loosening, which can harm any culture.

October 20-22: three most favorable days for the whole month. They will pass under the auspices of Scorpio, which increases the energy of all living things. At the same time, the growing Moon will be creative and surprisingly positive from all points of view. These will be the most successful days for preserving fruits and for working with plants.

If you had any global plans for the end of the month for a transplant or vaccination, then make it all from the 20th to the 22nd. There will be no more such positive period in October.

October 23-24: Sagittarius and the growing Moon, which has not yet gained strength, is quite a favorable combination. Moonlight days 5 and 6 can be devoted to transplants and irrigation, but the root system can not withstand heavy loads, so do not even think about pouring the soil, saturating it with moisture. Protect your trees and shrubs from pests in your free time.

October 25-27: three days of the reign of Capricorn with the growing Moon — this time is very ambiguous. Plants are becoming much stronger, but interference in the processes of nature is unacceptable on the part of people. Try not to do anything except watering.

On October 25 and 26, you can still try to break through the earth, but this will have to be done extremely carefully. Harvesting is better to postpone.

October 28-29: Aquarius and the growing moon — not the best combination for working on the garden or for transplanting and planting. Engage in feeding and loosening, as well as the removal of weeds in the garden. If strong cold comes, then begin to cover for the winter grapes and roses.

October 30-31: the growth of the moon and its stay in the Pisces Sign will make the last two days of October the best for treating the soil with nutrients. Plants will absorb moisture and substances much better than usual — this can not be used. You can engage in planting seedlings, irrigation and loosening.

Plants, like people, are strongly dependent on the position in which the moon is and in which phase. The lunar calendar will help you to make any sphere of life more favorable. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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