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Lunar Sowing Calendar for July

Lunar Sowing Calendar for July

The phases of the moon affect all living things, so the lunar energy should be considered when planting plants. With the help of the lunar calendar, you can choose the best days for planting and caring for fruit and vegetable crops.

Each plant individually and requires special care. Their strength and growth are directly dependent on the landing time, so the energy of the moon plays an important role in this. For good sprouting and rich harvest, use positive lunar energy.

Favorable and unfavorable days for sowing in June

July 1-2: the rise of the moon in early July will take place in the constellation Libra. This Mark is medium in fertility, it provides a good harvest, which is stored for a long time, as well as high-quality seeds for future plantings. Use this time to plant flowers and plant crops in the garden.

The energy of the moon will contribute to the rapid development of the root system and will give strength to vegetable crops for active growth and fruiting.

3-4 July: Scorpio, a fertile Sign, provides active growth of plants, but at this time they need additional incentive. Add mineral fertilizers and fertilizing for vegetables and pay attention to the nightshade — treat them from the appearance of pests. These days, planting and picking medicinal herbs, planting cucumbers and lettuce will be a good choice.

July 5-7: Sagittarius and the growing moon make it possible to obtain excellent shoots of ornamental plants. These days are good for caring for flowers and shrubs, planting and trimming lawn grass. Under the influence of the zodiac Sagittarius, attention should be paid to plants with long, curly stems and abundant green crown.

July 8-9: The growing moon in the constellation of Capricorn provides good seedling shoots and is favorable for the growth of vegetable crops. Plants will give a good harvest of medium size, which will be stored for a long time and differ in excellent taste. Use the energy of these days to care for tuberous plants, as well as tomatoes, zucchini, pepper.

July 10-12: the waning moon in the Sign of Aquarius is an unfavorable time for planting and transplanting plants. Energy constellation does not give forces for active growth of shoots, therefore, agricultural activities need to be suspended and take care of existing crops. This time is good for applying feedings, loosening and watering the soil, as well as for collecting seeds.

July 13-14: The moon in the constellation of Pisces provides productive plantings, which have early shoots and are distinguished by their strength and increased resistance to pests and temperature extremes. These days you can sow plants in open ground. The development of plants will provide tasty and early ripe fruits that can be stored for a long time.

July 15-16: Zodiacal Aries — infertile Sign. Plants planted on these days are weak and hardly form the ovary. The energy of the waning moon at this time should be used for soaking seeds, weeding and loosening the soil, as well as to combat pests that violate the root system of your plantings.

July 17-18: The moon turns into a zodiac Taurus. This fertile sign is suitable for any work related to plants. Positive energy will ensure the rapid growth of planted crops, but the seeds these days have low germination and are not suitable for harvesting next year.

July 19-20: The moon continues to decline and is in Gemini, the inferior Sign. This period is suitable for the care of already existing plants. Sowing new plants will provide a good root system, but the harvest will be small in quantity and will lose some of the taste.

July 21-22: The moon in Cancer, the most fertile sign of the zodiac, provides an influx of positive energy that is beneficial for plants. These days you can safely sow and replant their landings. The harvest is abundant, but not subject to long storage, and the stems often do not withstand the severity of fruits and vegetables.

July 23-25: New Moon on July 23 in Leo is intended for the rest of plants. On this day, you can do the repair and painting of hedges in the garden, preparing equipment and other works not related to crop production. July 24 and 25, use for fertilizing and spraying their plantings from parasitic insects.

July 26-27: the growth of the moon continues in the zodiac Virgo. This infertile sign is suitable for sowing annual flowers and planting plants that do not yield crops. Planted on this day cultural plants form a good root system, but the crop is sparse and does not have good taste.

July 28-29: The moon in Libra will ensure good growth of newly planted plants, which will give a quality crop. This time is good for loosening the soil, fertilizing and transplanting seedlings into open ground. Attention should be paid to perennial flowers: provide them with high-quality watering, cut off excess shoots and form the crowns of ornamental shrubs.

July 30-31: Plants planted during the period of influence of the fertile Scorpion are quite hardy, but susceptible to infection penetrating through open wounds. Scorpion is beneficial for soaking seeds, sowing annual crops and caring for fruit trees.

Taking care of the garden on favorable days will provide you with a good harvest, and the positive influence of the moon will help you grow beautiful flowers and try yourself as a breeder. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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