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Lunar seeding calendar for january

Lunar seeding calendar for January of the year

The activity of the moon affects not only humans and animals, but also plants. The lunar calendar will help you to find out which days will be favorable for planting, and when the energy of a night star can negatively affect the health of plants.

January is the first month of the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. Despite the fact that the summer season is not yet open, the first preliminary landings begin in January. In many places in Russia, people are already actively planting seedlings at this time.

It is customary to plant some crops in spring, so it’s time to prepare for the summer season of the year.

January 1, 2: This is a very good period for above-ground growth due to the location of the Moon in the Sign of Cancer, but many people have not even started to plant seedlings, so you should pay special attention to perennial plants. Try to get your flowers and other home cultures to receive proper care. Even the most unpretentious plants will need to be served under the full program — to change or burn the earth, to water, to fertilize.

All this concerns more than January 1, because the 2nd number is Full Moon, so the plants will need rest.

January 3, 4: the first days of the descending moon will be held under the auspices of Leo. This is the time when planting and planting are strictly prohibited. You can not even loosen the ground. Leave the plants alone — no need to water them.

Do this in the Full Moon so that you do not have to disturb the plants of the 3rd and 4th numbers.

January 5, 6 and 7: The waning Moon in Virgo is a good time to nip and disembark. You can even try to transplant some plants at home or in the garden. If you live in a warm climate and the weather allows, you can do the processing of trees, pruning dry branches. On such days it is good to work with large plants.

They are less tied to the energy of the moon.

January 8, 9: Scales and the waning moon — this is the time for intensive work in the garden and garden. All basic preparations should be done on such days. The land is especially fertile in such periods.

This is a favorable time for harvesting. If you live in warm latitudes, where they grow something all year round, then you need to start collecting fruits that have already ripened.

January 10, 11: These days will pass under the influence of the waning moon in Scorpio. This is good news for anyone who wants to start planting seedlings. These are important days, because new beginnings are easy for people, and plants take root well in almost any land.

On these days, vaccination will be good, abundant watering of plants of any type, age and size.

January 12, 13 and 14: Sagittarius with the waning moon will not be the best factor for gardeners. The land fertilization will be successful, but this is the best way to complete any work with your crops or seedlings. Top dressing will be good only if it is purely organic matter.

January 15, 16: the last days of the descending moon will be held under the command of Capricorn. It will be a great time for drying vegetables or fruits, for twists, for making jam, canning. Pruning of home flowers and perennials is allowed.

January 17, 18 and 19: the best of all on such days root crops and underground parts of any plants as a whole grow. The root system will be active, especially the 18th and 19th. Be sure to need to gnaw the ground, so that the plants breathe better and absorb moisture. You can water the plants on Thursday and Friday, but very carefully.

Do not be very zealous. January 17, in the New Moon, it is desirable to give the plants a rest.

January 20, 21: growing moon in Pisces. In warm countries you can do the treatment of plants from pests in these two days. Watering plants is less common and less abundant than ever. The aboveground part of plants will actively grow.

Cultures will be more resistant to damage, so you can do transplanting, pinching.

January 22, 23 and 24: Aries with a growing moon is always in discord. This time only on January 24th it will be possible to return to the sowing works. 22 and 23 numbers are better to give plants a rest. On January 24, activity will not be distributed quite evenly.

The underground part of the plants will be more susceptible to changes, therefore it is allowed to work only with the aboveground part.

January 25, 26: excellent days for picking and pinching, as well as feeding, cutting, planting. The influence of Taurus will be very favorable. Plants will feel better than usual.

You can transplant plants, loosen the earth, soak the seeds, water any crops plentifully.

January 27-28: Gemini has a good effect on the absorption of sunlight and on the activation of the internal system of plants. Photosynthesis is much faster, so you should pull out the plants on the living, outdoor Sun, if in your area is warm enough for this. Do not hide the plants from the sun in any case.

January 29, 30: The moon is in Cancer again. These two days will be the last before the coming Full Moon and Eclipse. Leave the plants without attention.

Lightly moisten the soil.

January 31: This will be the first lunar eclipse. It will pass under the auspices of Leo, who will be very negative in relation to all living things. This will be the opposition of the Sun and the Moon, which will have a very negative impact on the state of the plants.

Astrologers advise not to do anything that could harm the plants. Be careful.

It will be a pretty busy month. The astronomical winter has already ended on December 21 of the year, on the day of the winter solstice. Now it is not long before the start of the new summer season.

Begin this year correctly so that it brings you only the most positive emotions. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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