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Lunar Seed Calendar for March

Lunar Sowing Calendar for March

Already in March, gardeners and gardeners begin active work with plantings. Following the recommendations of the sowing calendar, you can grow perfect seedlings.

With the onset of spring, many people are thinking about sowing seedlings, as well as about replanting house plants, which over the winter have outgrown their usual containers. In order for your work to pay off one hundred percent, use the lunar energy to help you. In the lunar sowing calendar you will find the necessary recommendations that will help you grow beautiful plants, and in the summer-autumn period to collect a magnificent harvest.

Favorable and unfavorable days for planting

March 1-2: The first days of March, the moon will spend in the constellation Virgo. The first number of sowing is possible, but future seedlings will not produce a large number of fruits. The full moon of the second number does not contribute to the active work of transplanting your existing plants.

March 3-5: These days are suitable for planting new seeds, as well as for planting. Libra constellation provides positive energy, thanks to which your landings will quickly gain strength and will take root perfectly.

March 6-7: the constellation of Scorpio, in which the moon will dwell, has a positive effect on plant growth. During this period, you can safely soak the seeds of both vegetable crops and annual flowers for future plantings. Newly planted plants will have excellent immunity to various diseases.

March 8-10: the waning moon passes into the constellation of Sagittarius, which will not adversely affect your landing. Use the energy of these days to care for the seedlings you have and carefully monitor the soil moisture. Excessive watering and lack of fertilizer can lead to problems in growth.

March 11-12: these days, the moon will be in the constellation of Capricorn, and astrologers recommend to abandon the sowing of seeds and transplanting plants. These days it is worth only to spray the flowers to rid the leaves of contamination. The harvest from the annual vegetable crops will be small, so with the plantings it is worth the wait.

March 13-15: under the influence of the constellation of Aquarius plants should be allowed to rest. Do other jobs, for example, prepare new seeds or an earthy mixture to transplant the sprouted seedlings.

March 16-17: constellation Pisces in conjunction with the Moon perfectly affects the plants, so the sowing and transplanting will take place without problems. To ensure that your efforts are not in vain, use mineral supplements and do not forget to provide tender seedlings with enough light.

March 18-19: Aries constellation these days will not contribute to the active growth of seedlings. Astrologers advise to give her a rest. Do not disturb the planting, so as not to harm the delicate shoots and root system.

March 20-21: Moon growth continues, and its positive impact will increase in the constellation Taurus. This union will be successful for any manipulation of plants. You can plant bulbous plants or sow previously soaked seeds.

They will have excellent germination qualities.

March 22-23: under the influence of the Gemini Sign, the plants will not enjoy good health. These days, astrologers advise to abandon the planting and sowing of new plants. Prefer easy care and maintenance of an optimal microclimate in your winter garden.

March 24-26: The constellation of Cancer these days will have the most positive effect on plants. During this period, you can both transplant and sow, and engage in active care of flowers and seedlings. Pay attention to the capricious plantings, which during this period will take your care well.

March 27-28: The fiery Lion is considered to be infertile Sign, so these days it is better not to disturb the seedlings and not sow the seeds.

March 29-30: Favorable days, filled with the positive influence of the moon in the constellation of Virgo, make it possible to plant new plants, especially seedlings of vegetable crops and annual flowers. Restrict watering these days so as not to accidentally fill the ground.

March 31: The full moon on the last day of March will be held in the constellation Libra. This time will be good for the care of plants. New planting will have a well-developed root system and stunted shoots.

Check caring for plants and seedlings with the lunar calendar to get the best possible result. So you can grow a wonderful harvest, which will be the subject of your pride. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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