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Lunar Seed Calendar for August

Lunar Sowing Calendar for August

The lunar sowing calendar is an indispensable assistant of any gardener or gardener. With it, every plant in your area will be pleasing to the eye, and you can easily forget about the troubles.

And even if you plant only domestic violets, and garden and gardening feats are clearly not yours, the moon’s help will not be superfluous. After all, with the sowing calendar, you can attract success to the house, just by puffing up the earth at the cottage in time. Even an ordinary manicure can become a ritual thanks to the energy of the Moon, so do not miss the lucky chance.

Gardener’s Sowing Calendar for August

August 1. The month begins with a waning moon in Cancer. On this day, you can easily devote time to a variety of plantings, like flowers, and, for example, sowing lawn grass. Work with the tuberous will pass safely.

And to secure success will help care for flowering and fruit and berry.

2-3 August. New Moon in Leo. Sharply negative period for crops.

But if you decide to spend this time in the country or a plot, you can engage in the improvement of the gazebo, paint the fences around the flower beds, check the greenhouses — in short, use energy not directly into the ground, but indirectly.

4-5-6 August. Growing Moon in Virgo. Oddly enough, this earthly sign of the zodiac does not really like messing around with the soil.

But the thrifty Virgo will approve of any harvesting of berries, rolling compotes or jams, as well as collecting seeds for subsequent seedlings. The lunar calendar recommends not soaking the seeds at this time.

August 7-8. Growing Moon in Libra, which means that any spraying of this Sign can turn into a protracted marathon for the removal of mold, midges or other moisture-loving pests. Avoid overflowing these days.

August 9-10-11. The moon continues to arrive and is under the influence of Scorpio. This Sign is extremely fertile, but somewhat aggressive. Do not engage in the garden of those works that are associated with sharp objects.

Working as shears, you can hurt yourself or break the energy of the plant you are caring for.

August 12-13. Moon in Sagittarius. An excellent time to plant, process or dry spices, as well as medicinal herbs.

Astrologers recommend puzzling collection of herbs.

August 14-15-16. The moon arrives under the sign of Capricorn. This constellation is closely related to the energy of the earth element, and therefore the gardener’s lunar calendar promises a special germination these days.

Just do not damage the roots — the connection with the soil will be important for each leaf.

August 17-18. Full Moon, and the Moon in Aquarius. Sowing calendar does not recommend at this time to carry out work related to the separation of the plant. Cutting, grafting, pruning flowers or shoots — all this is better to postpone.

But any young growth will quickly gain strength, if you plant it on these days.

August 19-20. Fish together with the waning moon contribute to the harmonious development of crops. Water and the Earth in the union will give excellent results.

You can apply fertilizer, water and spray plants, and also root them or otherwise propagate shoots.

August 21-22. Aries, judging by the sowing calendar — not the right time to go out into the garden or garden. Watering can lead to rotting of the roots, pruning will ruin the plant, and even fertilizing runs the risk of wasting.

Planted by astrologers recommend that cabbage, radishes or lettuce.

August 23-24. Despite the fact that Taurus is accompanied by lunar loss, safely go out into the garden. The plants that you plant these days, will give you impressive fruits.

And if you have long dreamed of the best flower garden in the whole district, go shopping for a new decoration for your garden on August 23 or 24.

August 25-26. The strong energy of the constellation Gemini is balanced by the lunar phase. The lunar calendar advises to engage in any kind of bindweed.

In strawberries, you can cut the mustache, and flowering plants — to form an intricate support.

August 27-28. Cancer and the waning moon do not interfere with work, however, seedlings, if they are planted now, will grow and develop slowly. Therefore, it is better to throw all the forces on care.

August 29-30-31. Lion of the Moon is very unfavorable for garden work, so it makes sense to dedicate the end of the month to other concerns. But if you want to end the summer on your plot with hard work, get into the flowering crops.

Or transplanting indoor plants.

The lunar calendar for August wishes you more cloudless days for successful work, as well as an excellent harvest in the fall. To get things going in your hands, you can think of the best plots for the summer. They will help you not to suffer from mosquitoes and not be afraid to step on the snake, going for mushrooms. We wish you success and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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