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Lunar Seed Calendar for April

Lunar Seed Calendar for April

The lunar sowing calendar is an indispensable thing for those engaged in the cultivation of fruits, vegetables or flowers. With the help of his recommendations, it will be easier for you to navigate the phases of the moon and correlate with them the time of landing, care and rest.

With the help of lunar energy, you can plant your dream garden, as well as grow a good harvest. Even if you are not planning active land works, use the suggested tips for taking care of house flowers, because they are capable of attracting wealth and well-being to the house.

Gardener’s crop calendar for April

12th of April. The beginning of the month will begin with the rise of the moon. It is located in the constellation of Gemini, and this combination is quite favorable for sowing seedlings of both flowers and vegetable crops.

The soil in which you will plant the shoots should be fed with mineral fertilizers.

April 3 — 4. These days, besides the growing Moon, the constellation of Cancer also has a favorable effect. This fertile Sign generously shares the energy that you can send to plant and sow your plot with annual flowers.

April 5 — 6. Zodiacal Leo — not the best sign for active work with the land. This time should be devoted to the improvement of the site, painting the fence or other buildings, as well as check the irrigation system for good condition.

April 7 — 9. The moon in Virgo has energy that is favorable for the care of trees and shrubs. These days you will be able to paint the stems with lime to protect them from pests, as well as to form the correct crown, removing broken and dried branches and shoots.

April 10th. Almost full moon is in Libra. During this period, you can safely take up the sowing of seedlings of seedlings in greenhouses, if weather conditions allow.

Also successful will be fertilizing the soil under gourds with humus and peat.

April 11th. Full Moon in Libra gives you the opportunity to take a break from the action and think about the location of future beds and flowerbeds. Sowing calendar does not recommend to engage in planting and transplanting plants due to the changeable energy and a high probability of damaging the root system of tender shoots.

April 12 — 14. The waning moon moves to the constellation of Scorpio, and the lunar calendar predicts a favorable time for transplanting plants to larger vessels. These days, loosening the soil and sprinkling it with ashes will create favorable conditions for future plantings.

April 15 — 16. The constellation Sagittarius has infertile properties, so sowing and planting should be postponed. The calendar recommends taking home flowers, spraying them and bursting the soil.

These manipulations will favorably affect the growth and future flowering of your favorite plants.

April 17 — 19. Capricorn and the waning moon — a good combination for perennial flowers. Therefore, you can engage in planting tulips, daffodils, irises and other bulbous and tuberous plants.

Gardeners should select potatoes for future plantings and arrange it in boxes for germination.

April 20 — 21. The moon in Aquarius contributes to the development of plants, so the seedlings planted these days will quickly grow and will please with healthy stems and a well-developed root system. It is better to refuse transplantation and work with trees and shrubs, in order not to harm the plants.

April 22 — 23. The influence of the constellation Pisces gives you the opportunity to do the sowing of frost-resistant plants. Radishes, onions and garlic, planted at this time, give good shoots and gladdens with excellent harvest.

April 24 — 25. The zodiacal Aries is a barren Sign, therefore during this period of descending Moon it is necessary to do the preparation of inventory, clean the garden of debris, fill the watering tanks with water and place traps from moles and other pests.

April 26 — 27. The new moon and the subsequent growth of the moon will take place in the constellation Taurus. This combination will be successful for active sowing, as well as planting seedlings in greenhouses and on warm beds.

During this period, good shoots give previously sown flower seeds, so before planting them in open ground, you can fertilize the soil in flower beds and process it from possible flies and aphids.

April 28 — 29. The energy of the growing moon in Gemini gives an additional impetus to the growth of all existing plants, so you should not engage in cutting and shortening the stems. Active growth requires additional sources of nutrition: mineral and nitrogen fertilizers for your plantings will be superfluous.

April 30. Zodiac Cancer successfully affects the landing. You can safely begin to sow the seeds stored and previously wetted, take care of the lawn, get rid of weeds and loosen the soil for a good supply of oxygen to the roots of plants.

The sowing calendar wishes you warm weather and sunny days. Use the suggested recommendations to grow a beautiful crop and enjoy the plentiful flowering of home garden and street flowers. Remember that planting vegetables too early in a period when the heat is not yet stable can adversely affect the seedlings. We wish you success and do not forget to press the buttons and

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