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Lunar planting calendar year

Lunar planting calendar year

The energy of the night star helps not only people, but also plants. Thanks to the recommendations for the year you will be able to fruitfully work and grow a wonderful crop, new flower and vegetable crops.

Caring for plants, whether indoor flowers or vegetables in the garden, is a wonderful pastime for many. Recommendations of the sowing calendar will help you to grow an unprecedented harvest in the spring and autumn period and throughout the year to enjoy the blossoming home garden.

Sowing and growing seeds in January

In January, attention is paid not so much to seedlings, for which time has not yet come as home plants and herbs. They can be grown all year round to produce excellent spices. The most favorable days in January are the following days:

  • 1-2 January. The growth of the Moon in the constellation of Cancer has a positive effect on the growth and development of newly planted plants, providing them with excellent qualities of germination and resistance to diseases.
  • January 10-11. The moon in descending phase is in the constellation Scorpio. Fertile Sign provides plants with excellent development and rapid growth of the root system. These days planting or replanting overgrown flowers will be favorable.
  • January 20-21. The moon in Pisces in the growth phase makes it possible to begin active care of the existing plantings, as well as soak the seeds for further sowing at home.
  • January 25-26. The moon in Taurus — the optimal time for the active care of plants. The constellation is one of the most fertile signs, so in the two-day period you can safely perform any necessary work with seedlings, seeds and already existing plants.
  • January 29-30. The moon re-enters the constellation of Cancer, which means that the time has come for active loosening, changing the soil and fertilizing those plants that are preparing for flowering or ovary of the fruits.

Landing and departure in February

In February, many gardeners and gardeners begin to prepare seedlings for further planting in the open ground. Also, this time for the gradual preparation of indoor plants, which will soon come out of the «hibernation» and begin active growth and reproduction.

  • February 6-8. The moon is in Scorpio, which means it is time for painstaking work. These days, you can safely soak the seeds, dive seedlings, fertilize flowers and feed plants with mineral additives.
  • February 12-13. The constellation of Capricorn on these days favorably affects the plants, but the active actions should not be carried out. Limit yourself to watering and removing excess shoots, dead plant parts.
  • February 17-18. The moon is in its growth phase and the constellation of Pisces is the ideal time to start sowing previously soaked seeds, preparing the soil, and places for future seedlings.
  • February 21-22. These days, the positive energy of the constellation Taurus will be favorable for any work with plants.
  • February 25-26. The growth of the Moon in Cancer, one of the most fertile constellations, provides amateurs and professionals with a great time not only for care, but also for works on breeding, inculcation of citrus cuttings to improve their taste.

Sowing in March

In March, you can begin the season of planting in open ground, if weather conditions allow. This is the time of planting the first spring flowers, as well as the preparation of greenhouses and greenhouses for planting vegetables and decorative flowers.

  • March 1-2 This is the time of the Moon’s growth in Virgo. The constellation allows you to do the planting of bulbous perennials in flower beds that have frost-resistant qualities.
  • March, 6. The moon in Scorpio, which means that in the warm regions of Russia, you can begin to harden the seedlings, take them to closed balconies and verandas, and sow new seeds for their active growth and development.
  • March 20-21. Favorable days under the influence of the growing Moon and Taurus — a good time for any manipulation of plants.
  • March 22 On this day, the constellation Gemini has a positive effect on your landing. Be careful not to damage the root system, which ensures the growth of delicate plantings.
  • March 25-26. Zodiacal Pisces makes it possible to plant seedlings of flowers and first vegetable crops in warm greenhouses and greenhouses. At this time, be engaged in the preparation of the soil and its fertilizer, so that your work is not wasted. Planted in good soil shoots will be taken for active growth.
  • March 27-31. These days it is possible to take care of the existing plantings, however, active transplanting should be avoided so as not to disrupt the growth and development of plants.

Seed growing in April

April for many gardeners and gardeners is the month of active field work. This time is intended for planting vegetables, fruit-bearing and ornamental bushes and trees.

  • April 3rd. Scorpio and the waning moon on this day are suitable for the active planting of flower beds and flower beds, new shrubs. Care should be taken to the root system so as not to damage the roots.
  • April 17-19. These days, the growing moon will be in Taurus, and then go into the constellation of Gemini. Time is ideal for planting tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouses. Also at this time you can do active improvement of flower beds and lawns.
  • The 21st of April. The moon is in Cancer, and on this day, astrologers recommend buying plants in your home garden that will attract well-being to your home.
  • April 25-26. The growth of the Moon in Virgo allows planting potatoes and other crops that will have excellent taste.
  • April 29-30. Scorpio gives plants strength and resistance to various diseases. Spend time loosening the soil and removing weeds.

Sowing and care in May

In May, active sowing and planting of all kinds of crops begin. This month is favorable for any work, and on the most favorable days you will be able to plant seedlings, which will bring a wonderful harvest.

  • May 9. Sowing lettuce, radish, carrots and other crops on Wednesday will be favorable due to the positive influence of the Pisces constellation. You can do the sowing and soaking of seeds of annual flowers, which will have excellent germination qualities and will delight you with abundant flowering.
  • May 16-19. The first two days the moon will be in the constellation Gemini, and then go into the constellation of Cancer. This time is worth devoting to the shrubs and trees that will bear fruit. They must be treated from parasites, and mineral fertilizers must be applied under the roots in order to provide them with fertilizing for a bountiful harvest.
  • May 24th The moon in Libra is the time to work on the backyards. At this time, you can do any plants without fear of damaging them.
  • May 28-29. Despite the Full Moon on May 29, the days will be filled with the positive energy of the constellation Scorpio. These days you can devote to planting the remaining seedlings in the prepared beds. Planting cucumbers in open ground these days — to a wonderful harvest.

Cultivation of June seeds

In June, gardeners and gardeners still have time to plant vegetables, but in order for the crop to fully ripen, use greenhouse systems, not forgetting to open them in the morning. Otherwise, the landing may «burn out» from the extreme temperature under the film. The most favorable days will be:

  • June 7th. On this day, the generous energy of the Moon in Pisces allows you to engage in hilling up sprouting potatoes and planting extra zucchini, squash and other melon crops.
  • June 14-15 Fertile Cancer provides excellent growth of any plants, so these days you can plan any work on the care and planting of your seedlings.
  • June 19-20 The growth of the Moon in Virgo is a time for taking care of plants, preparing compost holes, treating shrubs for parasites.
  • June 23-24. Under the influence of Scorpio, lovers of medicinal plants can safely engage in the planting of new crops, as well as begin harvesting medicinal raw materials.
  • June 26-28. These days are also filled with favorable energy, which contributes to the cultivation of high-quality crops. Pinch the peppers so that they stop growing and begin to gain strength for the ovary of the future crop.

July sowing

Midsummer always carries a positive attitude and a desire to work actively on the backyard plots. At this time, fruit and berry crops are planted, and it is time for an active planting of flowers, which will delight you with bright colors until late autumn, boosting your mood.

  • 4th of July. The waning moon in conjunction with the constellation Pisces allows you to do any business. However, this day will be optimal for planting beans, beans and solanaceous crops.
  • July 17-20. Growth of the Moon in Virgo, Libra and Scorpio is the most favorable combination for any grower. Roses planted during this period, have excellent qualities not only flowers, but also resistant to parasites and temperature extremes.
  • July 22-27. These days, the positive energy of the Moon and the constellations make it possible to weed beds from weeds, plant new lawns, and harvest and harvest the first crop, including medicinal plants.

Sowing and caring for plants in August

August — harvest time, evaluation of their work and active work. At this time, it is possible to engage in planting any plants, including trees and bushes, both for ornamental purposes and for harvesting in the next season.

  • August 1. On this day, pay attention to potatoes. Early varieties can already be harvested, and later ones need watering and loosening the soil. Remove weeds that interfere with the active development of the bushes.
  • August 9th This day will be influenced by Cancer. You can start planting bushes and trees in the holes prepared for this. Do not forget about abundant watering, so that the roots of the plants more quickly take root in the new place.
  • August 14-18. At this time, absolutely any work on the personal plots is permissible. Particularly successful will be sowing flowers, as well as the collection of a new crop.
  • August 21-23. The moon in Capricorn is the time for the tuberous plants. You can engage in their planting in the open ground, as well as to replenish the collection of home garden with new unusual plants.
  • August 26, 28 These days the moon will spend in the constellation Pisces. Plants need your help, so active loosening, watering and spraying against pests these days will be a good solution.

What to plant in September

In September, most of the time is engaged in harvesting, however, even this month, new crops will be planted. Practicing the autumn planting of seeds and bulbs of plants, you can achieve the collection of abundant crops in the new season, making it easier for yourself to work in the coming planting season.

  • September 11-14. In these favorable days possible planting perennials. Flowers planted during this period have excellent durability and excellent germination.
  • September 18-19. The growth of the moon in Capricorn gives gardeners the opportunity to begin planting zucchini and pumpkins, which will be quite ripe to mature under your strict control.
  • September 23-24. The growth of the moon continues, and the zodiac constellation of Pisces these days provides a great time for planting ornamental shrubs for the purpose of landscaping the site and creating hedges.

Sowing in October

In October, many gardeners leave their plots, however, this time is most suitable for planting plants that successfully overwinter and in early spring will delight you with strong shoots.

  • 2-3 October. The moon is in Cancer, and this means that you can start creating «winter» beds and start planting garlic and onions.
  • October 10-12. During this period, you can plant bulbous perennial flowers in the soil. If the cold weather is near, then the landing site should be covered with mulch or straw, so that the bulbs successfully survive the first frost.
  • October 15-16. This time is filled with the positive influence of the moon in Capricorn. Gardeners can sow cereal crops, which will enrich the soil with essential trace elements.
  • The 20th of October. Growing Moon in Pisces, which means that it is time for sowing of mustard seeds. It will be an excellent fertilizer for the soil and will help restore nutrient deficiencies after harvest.
  • October 30. The waning moon in Libra is the time for planting shrubs and trees bearing decorative qualities. Also at this time, you can do the sowing of lettuce at home.

Landing in November of the year

November closes the season of active field work. This is the time for recent outdoor activities: burning excess grass and leaves, sanitary pruning of shrubs and trees, cleaning equipment and other work.

  • November 8th If weather conditions allow, late sowing of annual flowers is possible. The growth of the moon in Scorpio will provide them with excellent conditions for wintering, giving them positive energy.
  • November 11-13. The moon in Capricorn gives plants an incentive to develop, so planting bulbous perennials during this period is possible.
  • November 16-18. The moon in Pisces is a great time to plant flowers at home. Planted tulip bulbs in winter will delight you with abundant flowering.
  • November 21-22. You will be able to perform all the necessary manipulations with your flowers that you grow at home. In the garden, perennial flowers should spend the winter under the covering material. Make sure that next year is fruitful for you in terms of flowering and seed.

Planting in December

The last month of the outgoing year does not mean a complete halt of sowing. This month you can enjoy grown greens, for example, lettuce, parsley, green onions, and also take care of flowers.

  • December 4th. Sowing, feeding plants gathering buds and creating a suitable earthen mixture for planting seedlings will be successful activities on this auspicious day of the lunar calendar.
  • December 9-10. The growth of the moon in Capricorn is suitable for the acquisition of new plants in the house, as well as for the active care of lemon, tangerine and orange trees.
  • December 14th. You can begin to grow new plants, seeking from them abundant and unusual flowering. This will contribute to the lunar energy and the constellation of Pisces.
  • December 19-20. The last days of this year in December, you can do any work with plants in your home. Also, experts at the site dailyhoro.ru recommend purchasing new flowers that will become a source of positive mood for you, as well as attract love and well-being.

Growing vegetables and flowers is time consuming. However, with the help of lunar energy, you will definitely be able to create at home and on the site excellent conditions for abundant flowering and harvest. You can treat them to all those close to you, as well as make a lot of blanks for the winter. We wish you success in all your endeavors, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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