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Lunar money calendar for January

Lunar calendar of money for January of the year

How to properly dispose of money in January of the year? How to stabilize your financial situation, is it worth lending and how to avoid a crisis? All this will tell the lunar calendar of money for January of the year.

With the help of the lunar calendar, you can choose a favorable day for purchases, loans and other monetary transactions, and also find out on which days of January monetary failures are possible.

January Lunar Money

From January 1 to 3 (the growing Moon in Gemini). This is a time of waste and loss. The moon in Gemini gives instability and empty expenses, so these days of January it is better not to plan shopping trips.

January 4 (growing Moon in Cancer). Favorable time to buy something for your home or your close people. Do not lend, especially large sums of money.

On this lunar day, you should try to adhere to the rule: everything in the house, everything in the family.

January 5 (full moon, Moon in Cancer). It is not necessary to venture large purchases, take and lend. Watch your property — the day is extremely unstable.

From 6 to 8 January (decreasing moon in Leo). Neutral days in the lunar calendar for January. Money on this day is good to spend on their own needs.

It’s time to pamper yourself with something.

January 9 to 10 (decreasing Moon in Virgo). These days, your money is not in danger. Favorable time to buy household appliances or furniture.

You can lend to proven people. Going to the shops these days, you can make a bargain.

From January 11 to January 13 (decreasing Moon in Libra). Unfavorable time for large purchases. There is a risk of making a mistake.

According to the lunar money calendar for January, in these it is better not to make decisions related to finances. Do not give a loan.

From 14 to 15 January (decreasing moon in Scorpio). Good time for any financial movements. In any financial transactions it is recommended to be guided by your intuition.

From January 16 to January 17 (decreasing moon in Sagittarius). Money these days can go away from you quickly and imperceptibly, so you should be attentive and practical in handling them.

From January 18 to 19 (decreasing moon in Capricorn). Good time for all matters related to money. All purchases, transactions and investments will be repaid.

January 20 (New Moon, Moon in Aquarius). It’s time to plan your budget for the next month and draw conclusions. Try to find the “black holes” of your budget and solve all the problems to eliminate them.

January 21 (growing moon in Aquarius). Great day for new beginnings. You can change jobs, open a business, enter into transactions, take loans.

At the same time, all decisions must be considered.

From January 22 to 23 (growing moon in Pisces). The time of illusions and dreams. Not the best time for shopping and spending on small things.

Try to spend less, it is not recommended to give in debt.

From January 24 to 25 (growing moon in Aries). Active work and the realization of ideas at work will help you to attract good fortune in money these days. According to the lunar calendar for January of the year, an inflow of profits or good news related to money is likely on these lunar days.

From January 26 to January 28 (the growing Moon in Taurus). Good time for large purchases and serious financial investments. Do not trust your money to anyone, be alert and calm.

January 29 to 30 (the rising Moon in Gemini). Following the stable time of Taurus, there is a period of frivolous Gemini. Try not to spend money on trifles, more often plan your budget and do not trust the advice of others.

January 31 (growing Moon in Cancer). Favorable time for small financial transactions and purchases. You can lend to close people.

Attract financial success on the lunar calendar money for the year in January! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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