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Lunar manicure calendar for january

Lunar calendar manicure in January

Manicure is a whole ritual that is familiar to every woman. And many people know that beautiful, well-groomed hands not only make us more attractive, but also help to improve our well-being and attract something new to the life path.

Therefore, astrologers advise you to do a manicure on certain days, referring to this with the lunar calendar. Depending on the growth or decrease of the Moon, our bioenergy also changes. So this circumstance should be paid attention to before taking up the manicure set.

Favorable days for a manicure in January

Most successful days for hand care are falling on the Waning Moon this month. But this, of course, does not mean that in other numbers you are strictly forbidden to put in order the state of manicure. Just on some days, a successfully applied lacquer or a well-made hand bath can make a real miracle.

Manicure for the Waning Moon in January of the year:

5 January — The perfect time to change the New Year’s manicure to everyday. This does not mean that the holiday is over, so you just get rid of the accumulated possible fatigue — after all, even on holidays we do not always rest, we have to work and accept guests.

January 7th — at this time the moon is in Sagittarius. It will be useful to saw nails and correct their shape. This will lead to the fact that everything in life will fall into place.

January 8 — the second day under the auspices of Sagittarius. Astrologers recommend doing cosmetic care: check the condition of the cuticle, remove any burrs, fix the lacquer, if necessary.

January 26 — The Moon is ruled by a Virgo aspiring to order. At this time, the lunar calendar advises to radically change the manicure for those who want significant changes in their own lives. Cherry shades will help to gain clarity in the love sphere, and amber — to get rid of monetary problems.

January 30 — a very balanced day, in which everything seeks to find harmony. If you lack internal hardness or soil under your feet, paint your nails with shades of cinnamon.

January 31 — On this day, pay attention to all shades of pink, from delicate and light, to crimson and dark. A calm and light manicure will entail flirting or tenderness in your personal life. A more aggressive manicure, bright, supported by a suitable nail shape — sheet-like or square — will give you passion and love adventures.

At the time when the moon arrives, there are also several days in which work on the appearance of nails can turn into a ritual and direct this action to your benefit.

Growing Moon Manicure in January:

January 12 — The moon in Aquarius. Great time to go to the salon or get-togethers with friends. Rest ends, but this does not mean that you have to immerse yourself in the gray days.

Bright colors, including those on the nails, will not harm you and will help make life more diverse.

January 14 — The moon in Pisces. This day is successful not for an active and bright manicure, but for muted colors. Dark colors will help strengthen your creativity, as well as strengthen your bio-energy protection.

January 19 — Moon in Taurus. Maroon lacquer will help you attract wealth and uncover cash flow. The money will go into your hands — if your hands are prepared for this.

January 20th — Moon in Gemini. The time of the next creative activity. On this day, a manicure in which there will be two colors and more will give you unexpected changes in the near future, and also make you the soul of the company.

On other days, it is better not to make a cardinal change of image but to maintain an already acquired appearance — to correct the shape or color and carry out the procedures for hand skin care.

Unfavorable days for manicure in January

There are several days in which a manicure is undesirable. Please note that a trip to the salon assigned to these numbers can negatively affect:

January 11 — better wait a day. Tomorrow, the 12th, the circumstances will be much more favorable.

13th of January — The energy of the growing moon today is not stable, and if you shorten the length of your nail, you may encounter a loss of something important, for example, subsequently losing money.

January 24 — Full moon in aggressive Leo. You can give your nails an oval shape or wash nail polish for wellness treatments with the nail plate, but otherwise it’s better not to change anything.

Take care of the beauty of your hands, because a simple manicure can work wonders. Be always attractive and desirable. and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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