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Lunar calendar: when to make a wish to make it come true

Lunar calendar: when to make a wish to make it come true

Using the energy of the night lights, you can attract happiness, good luck and even realize your dreams. To do this, you need to properly tune in and make a wish on the most suitable day for it.

Astrologers claim that the moon has an impact on all areas of our life. With it, we can gain luck and love, as well as fulfill our cherished desires. Sometimes for many years we don’t know how to realize our dream reality, and all our efforts and hopes do not bring the expected result.

At such moments, we stop believing in a miracle, and give up. However, if you properly use the energy of the moon, then soon you will be able to get closer to your dream. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru offer you a lunar calendar of luck, thanks to which you will know which days are best to make a wish.

When to make a wish according to the lunar calendar

It has already been proven that at certain times the energetics of the moon is especially strong, it is during this period that it is best to make wishes. These days fall out several times a month, and your task is not to miss, prepare for them in advance and correctly formulate your desire.

The first lunar day. At this time, the night light is laying a program that will control everything alive during the month. In the first moon knocks, everything around us is filled with energy that you can use to your advantage.

On this day you should concentrate as much as possible on your dream and get rid of negative thoughts.

To make a dream come true, it is necessary that you stay in a good mood, and, most importantly, believe in its execution. Do not forget that it is not enough just to fill up on the fact that your wish will come true, for this you need to make at least a little of your own efforts. By combining thoughts and actions, you can get what you want much faster.

For example, if you want to gain wealth, you do not have to sit and wait for the millions to just fall on you from the sky. Instead, you can purchase a new wallet and, with its help, conduct an effective ritual to acquire money.

The seventh lunar day. During this period, any words and thoughts can be material. On this day, astrologers recommend to refrain from negative words and wishes, as any of them can be translated into reality.

Before making a wish in the seventh moon knocks, be sure to weigh the pros and cons. Try to set the priorities correctly and think about whether you really want this dream to come true or whether there is something you want much more. For example, if you want to get rich, but you do not have a loved one, decide what is more important to you: love or money. Sending a signal to the Universe, you should know that there will be no way back.

So do not miss the chance and make only the most cherished desire.

The eleventh lunar day. In numerology, the unit is the strongest number. Astrologers hold the same opinion, and argue that any wish made in the eleventh lunar day will come true.

At this time, it is best to write down your dreams on paper, describing them in the smallest detail. For example, if you want to find love, describe what your ideal partner should be: appearance, character, activity. Do not be afraid if, at first glance, your desire will look absurd, ridiculous and even unrealistic.

The information you send to the Universe must be exhaustive, and then you will receive an answer soon.

Why desires can not be fulfilled

You decided on your desire, picked up the correct moon knocks, made a wish, but eventually you came to the conclusion that it was not fulfilled. Why could this have happened?

First and foremost, the problem may lie in the formulation of the desire. For example, if you want to improve your financial situation, you do not need to formulate a desire like this: «I want to get rich.» In this case, your message to the Universe will not be accurate.

Instead, announce a specific amount.

Try to rely not only on the appropriate lunar day, but also on the correct phases of the moon. If your dream is aimed at improving your life indicators or attaining something, it is best to think of it in the period of the rising moon.

If you want to get rid of ill-wishers, problems or ailments, it is best to make a wish during the descending phase. However, astrologers are of the same opinion that desires will be fulfilled much faster if you think of them during the Full Moon. On such a day, the Moon reaches the peak of its growth, which means its entire energy can be directed to the fulfillment of your dreams.

Sometimes resentment and anger can push us to the most terrible things, including the desire to harm their enemies and offenders. In this case, the universe will reject your request.

Also, your desire may not come true for the most banal reason — you just do not believe in its execution. Choose the right lunar day and correctly formulate the desire is very important, but if you do not believe in the power of the Universe, then you will not get an answer. Therefore, the most important thing is faith.

Many of you do not realize the true price of every minute. In this short time you will be able to change your life, find happiness and fulfill any desire. It’s not for nothing that this minute is called “golden”. Let your wishes come true and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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