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Lunar calendar of money for September

Lunar calendar of money for September of the year

Each of us wants that wealth and abundance does not leave the house, and the money was always in the wallet. The lunar calendar for September will tell you how to better manage your finances so that cash flows do not bypass your life, and the money will go into your hands. Use tips astrologers and do not miss the opportunity to get rich!

Money Calendar for the waning moon

September 1. Do not borrow without unnecessary need. Lending money to someone is also necessary only if you see this as a necessity.

September 2 Not a good day for partnership agreements related to financial issues. Responsible negotiation is better to move.

September 3 Astrologers do not recommend acquiring things of artistic value, such as paintings or books, on this day. Most likely, the purchase you will not like, and purchased as a gift, it will not bring happiness to the person bestowed upon you.

4 September. A great day to solve a variety of financial issues and problems. The favorable course of the Moon’s energy can only be disturbed by heightened emotionality, therefore only the mind needs to be guided in business.

September 5th Operations with the papers will take place without problems, but real estate issues are better not to be solved on this day.

6 September. To hinder matters may be unkind views of colleagues or the envy of partners. Do not attract to your wealth increased attention of others and do not allow anyone to recount money in your wallet.

September 7th The lunar calendar advises not to borrow money today. Loans will be difficult to repay, and borrowing from your friends, you run the risk of delaying the return and passing for an unreliable person.

8 September. Auspicious day for trading. Feel free to make purchases or negotiate the goods sold.

Bargaining is appropriate today, and all sales and purchases will be successful and will bring profit to both parties.

9th of September. Astrologers recommend to postpone the decision of any issues related to large financial investments. You can miscalculate or make a bad move.

Preference today is better to give small purchases that do not fundamentally affect your budget.

10 September. Avoid the reckless risk associated with the monetary sphere. Today, the attention of Fortune is drawn to other areas, so you may not be able to make a big hit.

11 September. On this day it is good to invest money in repairs, construction, purchase of large household appliances or a car. All purchases associated with the improvement of life will be successful.

12-th of September. Today, money requires a serious financial approach, but a general breakdown can prevent this. If you do not feel enough enthusiasm to rush to the struggle with difficulties, it is better not to risk it.

September 13th New moon. Together with the New Moon, the life cycle is updated.

Energy flows are not stable, so only those matters that were thought out beforehand will go well.

Money on the growing moon in September

September 14th The difficulty in making decisions makes this day not too favorable, but it is also not financially negative. If you are confident in the success of a monetary transaction, you can make it and achieve financial growth.

September 15th. During this period it is better not to carry out monetary operations, but you can make plans and draw up projects related to the financial sphere of life.

16 of September. Today it is good to solve those financial problems that you have from the past month or the past lunar period. All that is put on the back burner should not be kept indefinitely in limbo.

September 17th Auspicious day. All matters requiring financial responsibility will be completed safely.

But take only that which you can do — it is impossible to grasp the immensity.

September 18th Great time to put your budget in order. Earn today if you want to succeed in everyone.

September 19th At this time, astrologers advise to solve insignificant monetary problems. When they stop you, the situation as a whole will go uphill.

Beware of contacting land issues at this time.

September 20th Help with financial problems can be close or friends. The only thing you should not do is to charge them with responsibility for their mistakes.

Use advice, but also weigh your decision.

September 21st. Today, the lunar calendar advises to listen to the inner voice. If intuition tells you exactly what you need, feel free to purchase it.

September 22nd. Astrologers promise possible losses on this day. To prevent this from happening, the lunar calendar recommends that you be careful with your wallet on this day and warns you should never play for money.

23 September. Purchases will not lead to decline in the budget, but it is worthwhile to closely monitor the amounts deposited on the accounts — you can be deceived.

September 24th On this day, it is better to invest in a hobby or something that brings you pleasure and joy — to get a gym membership or to take a camera for pictures in your free time.

September 25th. Today should be devoted to disinterested good deeds. Give alms, and you will enlist the support of Fortune in the future.

September 26th Cash problems will be resolved quickly enough, but the coming day is preferable to solve other problems.

September 27. Unexpected difficulties can cause those cases that require focus and make a decision immediately. Do not make investments that require you to «yes» or «no» right this minute.

September 28th. Full moon. Critical day.

It is better not to plan any financial transactions. However, the energy of the night star on this day is at its peak, so the money rituals performed during the full moon will be especially effective.

Waning moon

September 29th Energy is declining. There is no risk of impoverishing or losing profits, but it’s not worth solving serious money issues yet.

September 30th. The moon continues to decline. Accumulated during the growth of energy will help to cope with difficulties, including financial plan.

Avoid risky situations.

The lunar calendar of money wishes a tight wallet and pleasant shopping. Take up business, having thought it all over, do not deal with monetary problems, guided solely by emotions, and look in the money horoscope for September. In general, the month promises to be favorable, but requiring efforts in the monetary field. So be prepared to work hard and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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