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Lunar calendar of money for August

Lunar calendar of money for August of the year

Money and wealth is a dream that most people aspire to. How to achieve financial well-being in August with the help of the lunar calendar. Find out which days you can not lend, and when you can earn good money.

The lunar money calendar for the year will provide you with a detailed roadmap of financial flows during August. If you follow these predictions, you can effectively achieve financial stability and avoid unnecessary costs.

Waning moon

August 1. A good day to multiply your savings. To do this, take a piece of paper, write on it the amount that you would like to have, and put it in your wallet.

August 2. On this day you can safely spend money on entertainment. Positive emotions will attract new financial flows to you.

August 3rd. If you are planning a big purchase, you should see if there are any cheaper counterparts. Lunar calendar of money promises benefits to those who like to bargain.

August 4. On this day, it is not recommended to spend money set aside for a rainy day. This can lead to the fact that soon all your nodule will become empty.

5th of August. Adverse time for processing loans. It is better to postpone this occupation, otherwise you will experience unpleasant experiences when paying interest.

August 6. According to the lunar calendar, money on this day is not advisable to borrow large sums. You can not cope with the obligations and jeopardize a good relationship.

August 7. A good day to put cash on hold or make a bank deposit. Even if it is a small amount it will come in handy in the future.

8 August. On this day, you can lend, but only not a very large sum. If you decide to borrow a lot of money it is better to take a receipt from the recipient.

August 9. Lunar calendar of money offers on this day to conduct a financial audit. Take time to reduce debit and credit and draw appropriate conclusions.

August 10. On this day it is better to show frugality. If you are tempted to buy something unnecessary, but attractive, you should be firm in character and abandon the useless acquisition.

11th August. Good day to make cash transactions. Buying or selling currency will be a good and profitable deal.

12th of August. Lunar money calendar advises to buy a new wallet to attract finance. If your old wallet is dear to you, update your luck with a laurel leaf for 3 days.

August 13. A good day to purchase jewelry. If you were planning to invest money in gold or antique items, then it is the right time.

August 14. The lunar calendar of money advises on this day of August to pay off debts, if you have any. If it is impossible to return the debt in its entirety, give at least a part so that luck does not turn away from you.

Waxing Crescent

August 15. Auspicious day for the money cycle. You can buy and sell currency, make purchases and lend.

August 16. On this day, a simple conspiracy will help to increase finance. In the morning, count the money in your wallet in front of the mirror so that it doubles in reflection.

August 17. You can not pay debts. It is believed that with them you will give your future profits.

Transfer the meeting with creditors to another day.

August 18. The day when you can borrow. A good time to conduct transactions with currency and bank deposits.

August 19. The lunar calendar of money warns you that on this day you should not think about someone else’s wealth. Especially do not need to rejoice in someone else’s failures in business.

August 20. On this day, you can practice money rituals and ask Orthodox saints for help in trade. For this you need to contact the holy Seraphim of Sarov.

August 21. To attract financial well-being, it is recommended to get rid of the little things in your wallet. Try to spend it while buying products.

August 22. Lunar calendar of money reports that a good omen on this day will be a waste of money for funds to care for the house. It will attract positive energy into your life.

August 23. Try not to withdraw money from bank deposits. This can lead to negative processes in your financial well-being.

24 August. Good day for future investment and investment. At the same time try to invest in those projects in which you are 100% sure.

25-th of August. Try to spend only the amount that was planned, and no more. Remember that money loves a thrifty attitude.

August, 26th. You can hold a ceremony for financial well-being. Make a gift to loved ones or friends from the heart.

After that, you can expect a similar gift from Destiny.

August 27. According to the lunar money calendar, August is a good time to plan a budget for spending on rest and pleasure. Lunar energy will help to realize the desired.

August 28. You can borrow money and lend. This day will be safe for most financial transactions.

Eliminate obvious risks.

Full moon

August 29. A very good day for the rites to attract money. Do simple rituals or pray for financial aid to the saints.

Waning moon

August 30. Do not make cash deposits. Too much influence of negative energy on the processes of financial circulation.

August 31. Try not to make adjustments to the current financial situation — do not lend and do not make large purchases. Stability is important.

The money lunar calendar can articles a good helper for those who know how to count finances. In it, everyone will find answers to his questions and will be able to enlist the support of lunar energy during business deals. Be rich, happy and don’t forget to press buttons and

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