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Lunar calendar of money for April

Lunar calendar of money for April of year

What days are you lucky with money in April? How to properly manage your savings and how to avoid financial losses? All this you learn in the lunar money calendar for the year of April.

Money in April of the year according to the lunar calendar

April 1-2 — the growing Moon in Virgo. Days are favorable for financial planning and debriefing. During this period of time it is better not to lend money and not to take out a loan.

Shopping for home and family will be successful.

April 3 — the growing moon in Libra. Neutral day in terms of money. You should not get involved in questionable cases and use the budget for what was not in your plans.

It is better not to make large purchases, as there is a chance to make a mistake in the purchased product.

April 4th is the full moon. Unfavorable day for purchases, investments and waste. Money on this day is better to keep with you.

Probable financial losses due to negligence and carelessness.

April 5 — the waning moon in Libra. According to the lunar calendar money, it is better to spend less on this day.

April 6-7 — the waning moon in Scorpio. Good day for any beginnings. Success will bring investments and decisions made associated with an increase in income.

April 8-10 — the waning moon in Sagittarius. Favorable days on the lunar calendar for any material matters. Shopping is better to make in the morning.

April 11-12 — the waning moon in Capricorn. The ideal time for financial investments and expensive purchases. During this period of time, it is important to approach money issues seriously and think about everything.

Good time for active work at work — there is an opportunity to earn additional bonuses.

April 13-14 — the decreasing Moon in Aquarius. These lunar days are ambiguous. On the one hand, there may be a desire to spend money thoughtlessly, to lend to everyone, to spend the budget on useless things. On the other hand, at this time you can start something grand that can increase your income at times.

In any case, the lunar calendar for April recommends wisely using your capital.

April 15-17 is the waning moon in Pisces. It is necessary to wait a little with the mass purchases, otherwise there is a risk to spend all the money. These days it is important not to lose touch with reality and rely on common sense in everything.

April 18 — New Moon in Aries. Adverse day for any financial transactions.

April 19-20 — Growing Moon in Taurus. The ideal time this month is in terms of money and property. All financial issues are easily resolved and transactions are made.

Good time for sales and purchases.

April 21-22 — Growing Moon in Gemini. There will be a desire to spend money. It is important to do this within reasonable limits.

Do not lend money. Risk in finance during this time period can lead to unprecedented success. Unforeseen expenses may occur.

April 23-25 ​​- Growing Moon in Cancer. Good days for shopping for home. If they ask for material assistance — help, your kindness will return to you in full.

Good days for performing monetary rituals and conspiracies for wealth.

April 26-27 — the growing Moon in Leo. On this lunar day you will want to spend money on recreation, entertainment and beautiful things. There may also be a desire to provide material assistance.

It is important to be able to assess their desires and capabilities.

April 28-30 — the growing Moon in Virgo. In this period of time, astrologers advise to plan their budget, as well as to calculate the money spent and earned. The findings and conclusions will help stabilize the financial situation in the next month.

Use the lunar calendar money for April for the good of yourself and your wallet! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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