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Lunar calendar of money: catching money luck

Lunar calendar of money: catching money luck

The moon is a source of energy that affects not only the processes of the human body, but also events in the life of mankind. Our mood, well-being and even monetary prosperity depend on the phases of the moon. If you want to solve your financial problems and attract money, then we recommend that you always check with the lunar money calendar.

In it you will find answers to such questions: when is it best to spend money, when to buy something, and what to do in order to improve your financial condition.

Waxing Crescent

In the days of the growing moon is best to attract money. At this time, all rituals aimed at increasing revenues will be favorable. On this lunar day any purchases are useful.

Well, if during this period the expenses are reasonable, then your welfare will be programmed to use your money wisely.

These days you can lend, and borrow yourself. According to the lunar money calendar, in the period of the growing moon it is useful to contact money as often as possible. If you want to increase your well-being, then in the days of the growing Moon you can hold a ritual to attract money.

At night, put your wallet with money on the windowsill to recharge the energy of the moon.

Waning moon

On the waning moon, try to limit yourself to spending. These days you should not make expensive purchases. The moon is waning, which means that the money energy is waning. It is not necessary to lend money, it can lead to a deterioration of the financial situation.

Borrowing yourself is also not worth it — you can get bogged down in debt for a long time.

In the period of the waning moon, according to the lunar money calendar, you can perform a ritual to get rid of debts and financial problems. For this you need to clean up your wallet and in the house. On the waning moon, it is generally useful to clean up and get rid of unnecessary things — this will relieve not only problems with money, but also from any other troubles.

Full moon

In the full moon, the monetary energy reaches its peak. On the day of the full moon, you should not start serious financial transactions, sell or buy something or invest money. Let this day in your wallet as much money as possible.

Rituals for wealth, pronouncing money affirmations and meditation will be helpful. Focus this day on your desires and plans. Conceived in the full moon quickly materializes.

On this day, according to the lunar calendar money, you can start any business related to finances. It is good if these matters were at least indirectly related to money. You can search for a new job, take a loan, sell something.

It is important that all activities on this day are aimed at increasing money, then the whole month your income will only increase.

It is not recommended to part with the money on this day, otherwise the whole month you will have to wait for continuous spending.

Thanks to the monetary lunar calendar, you will be able to plan your affairs correctly and attract financial success! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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