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Lunar calendar of indoor plants for June

Lunar calendar of indoor plants for June of the year

Houseplants need care and respect. They are able to bring home happiness, love and well-being. Recommendations of the lunar calendar for June will help to make your home garden beautiful and healthy.

The influence of lunar energy on plants is great. So that your pets will always delight the eye with beauty and flowering, use this energy competently. Thanks to care and timely care, you can enjoy the comfort and coziness of your home with all the households, because many plants can improve the energy and heal the microclimate of your home.

1-2 June. The infertile Virgo is not conducive to planting new plants. These days, attention should be paid to the climbing flowers: to provide them with comfortable conditions, to loosen, water and remove dried leaves.

Home plants on this day should be wiped from dust.

3-5 June. Zodiacal Libra and the growth of the Moon allow the use of days from 3 to 5 June for the transplantation of formed seedlings of flowers. Soil fertilization will help the plants to form the correct form, begin active growth and pick up buds for flowering.

June 6-7. The moon in Scorpio, the fertile Sign, allows you to engage in capricious plants that quickly respond to change. They need to be rearranged to a more comfortable place for development, and also to take care of the correct formation of the stem.

June 8-10. Zodiac Sagittarius allows you to do bulbous plants, remove excess shoots and transplant sprouts into a larger pot. In the Full Moon, June 9, the plants must be allowed to rest and refrain from manipulation.

It is favorable these days to carry out spraying of ficuses and other plants with large leaves.

June 11-12 The constellation of Capricorn and the influence of the waning moon slow down plant growth. Seeds soaked for germination these days, develop more slowly, but have good resistance to diseases. These days, attention should be paid to roses.

Their flowering depends on the quality of the soil, timely watering and the absence of pests that destroy buds.

June 13-15 Aquarius adversely affects seedlings, slows their growth and development, therefore from June 13 to 15 it is worth refraining from planting and transplanting plants. Attention should be paid to existing flowers, to loosen the soil for a better flow of oxygen to the roots of flowers.

Also successful in controlling pests that are in the soil.

June 16-17. The waning moon in Pisces allows you to do flowers transplanting, cutting off unnecessary and dried parts of plants, acquiring flowers that heal the microclimate of your home. Such an acquisition can be a geranium, which also protects against negative energy and smoothes intra-family conflicts.

June 18-19. The moon in Aries can have a negative impact on plants, so they should be given a break and take advantage of the free time to do a wet cleaning at flower locations. This time is good for spraying warm cacti with water and transferring them to a more ventilated sunny place, for example, on a balcony.

June 20-21. The moon in Taurus is a good time to take care of young plants. Top-dressing with mineral fertilizers will help them to form correctly and will save you from further trouble with the treatment of weak stems and an underdeveloped root system.

June 22-23. Zodiacal Gemini affects the growth and rooting of plants, so planting and sowing of seedlings of seedlings these days will be successful. Also, from June 22 to June 23, the care of flowers with small buds will be successful.

June 24-25. New Moon in Cancer — time to relax for a home garden. The next day, with the growing Moon, any work with plants is favorable, including cutting flowers for bouquets.

They will stay longer than usual and will delight the household with its beauty and delicate aroma, bringing coziness and comfort.

June 26-27 The infertile Lion does not contribute to active intervention, so these days it is worth stopping the choice on harvesting seeds, preparing the soil and pots for new seedlings. These days, you can purchase a plant that will attract financial well-being to the house.

June 28-29. The growth of the Moon in Virgo is good for planting annual flowers and plants with small buds. Recommended planting and transplanting plants.

They take root easily and have good disease resistance.

30 June. The last day of the month, which the moon will spend in Libra, is favorable for any work in the home garden. Possible transplanting, loosening, pruning plants for their further quality growth and flowering.

On this day, you should pay attention to the flowers with wide leaves and save them from the accumulated dust and dirt.

Potted flowers are not only a way to decorate a room, but also an opportunity to attract good luck and well-being into your life. Use plants to protect yourself from negative energy and bring coziness and comfort to your home. We wish you an evergreen garden, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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