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Lunar calendar of indoor plants for December

Lunar calendar of indoor plants for December of the year

The energy of the night star has no less influence on the growth and development of plants than moisture and sunlight. The recommendations of the lunar calendar will help you choose a day suitable for caring for flowers and ensure their health and beauty, as well as turn indoor plants into real talismans that attract well-being and wealth to the house.

December 1 (Waning Moon in Leo) — an unfavorable day for the care of plants. You can slightly loosen the top layer of soil.

From December 2 to 4 (Waning Moon in Virgo) — favorable time for planting seeds, transplanting and feeding flowers. Chrysanthemums and gladioli will take root especially well.

From December 5 to 6 (Waning Moon in Libra) — a suitable period for watering plants and loosening the soil, planting greenery and plants with bulbous roots, in particular, hyacinths and lilies.

From December 7 to 9 (Waning Moon in Scorpio) — A positive effect will be given by feeding the plants and eliminating pests. Wait a while with planting, replanting and cutting flowers.

December 10 (Waning Moon in Sagittarius) — It is recommended to cut a little plants. Planting seeds and plant reproduction through the roots is better to postpone — the flowers will not grow.

December 11 (New Moon in Sagittarius) — The lunar calendar recommends to refrain from caring for plants.

From December 12 to December 13 (Growing Moon in Capricorn) — Auspicious moment for planting plants, especially — roses and orchids. The lunar calendar also recommends planting garlic, onions, and cereals.

From December 14 to 15 (Growing Moon in Aquarius) — watering of flowers is allowed, however, one should not sow seeds, loosen the soil and cut the plants.

From December 16 to 18 (Growing Moon in Pisces) — irrigation and soil fertilization will have a beneficial effect on plant growth. During this period, you can plant seed plants — hibiscus, cyclamen, gardenia, as well as sow vegetables for home cultivation.

From December 19 to December 20 (Growing Moon in Aries) — according to the lunar calendar, the period is favorable for the fight against parasites, the sowing of greenery and cereals, including decorative.

From December 21 to 22 (Growing Moon in Taurus) — sowing and transplanting small-bulb plants, fertilizing flowers with organic fertilizers.

From December 23 to December 24 (Waxing Moon in Gemini) — A favorable period for planting roses, fertilizing the soil and etching the parasites.

December 25 (Full Moon in the sign of Cancer) — procedures for the care of plants should be postponed to a more favorable time.

December 26 (Waning Moon in the Sign of Cancer) — The best period for replanting flowers and propagation by cuttings.

From December 27 to 28 (Waning Moon in Leo) — It is not recommended to water, prune and replant plants. Soil loosening and pest etching are allowed.

From December 29 to 31 (Waning Moon in Virgo) — A favorable period for any activities related to the care of plants: planting, replanting, watering, feeding.

December is a difficult month for indoor plants. It is recommended from time to time to sprinkle their leaves with water, and also to give them more light, if necessary, using a special lamp. Follow the recommendations of the lunar calendar, and your flowers will always please the eye. Best of luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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