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Lunar calendar of indoor plants for August

Lunar calendar of indoor plants for August

Houseplants require love and care, but the moon affects all living things, which means that when taking care of your pets, it is important to take into account the lunar phase. The calendar of indoor plants will help you not to get confused.

Many people mistakenly believe that absolutely any plants are useful for creating a favorable atmosphere at home. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with 10 unlucky flowers that cannot be kept in the house, according to some experts.

From an energy point of view, plants can be the best cleaners, so do not underestimate their true strength and capabilities.

August 1: The first day of August will be influenced by the weakened Cancer, who wants you to take maximum care of the plants. The waning moon will be in successful interaction with the stars, so that on this day you can even do transplants.

August 23: Leo and New Moon on August 2 very well combined according to astrologers. The lunar calendar recommends making all the planned transplants on these two days. It is very rejuvenate plants and flowers.

In the next couple of days, you will see how this transforms their appearance.

August 4, 5, 6: The moon is just beginning to grow, so the present days will be a priori favorable for growth. Abundant watering of indoor plants is allowed. Experts advise watering during the hottest hours of each of these three days.

August 7, 8: the influence of the Sign of the Zodiac Libra means that it will be possible in these two days to begin enriching the soil with essential minerals. Especially good soil fertilizer will pass for flowers. It is advisable to use dry fertilizer on these lunar days.

August 9, 10, and 11: The lunar plant calendar notes that this month, Scorpio and the growing moon will have a negative impact on any work with your home plants. It is advisable not even to water the flowering pots, but it is better to water the other plants moderately so as not to harm the root system and the whole body of the plant as a whole.

August 12, 13: In these two days, lunar energy will have a positive effect on planting flower seeds. The Sagittarius will interact with the Moon, so that even transplants of already adult flowers will be crowned with success with high probability.

August 14, 15, 16: In these three days, the plants will require abundant watering, as their forces will be spent on cleaning the external environment from negative energy. Earlier we wrote about the 15 strongest air purifiers that can be kept at home — buy yourself a pair of such plants in order to maintain a positive mood in the house, driving everything that is unnecessary away.

August 17, 18: Aquarius and the growing moon are a wonderful combination for the plant world. On the 18th, the Full Moon is waiting for us. All home plants will be full of energy, so do not forget about watering and fertilizing the soil.

On this day, you can cut flowers, unnecessary parts, or cultivate the soil.

August 19, 20: The moon is waning again, so the forces of domestic plants are waning. It is not necessary to transplant and disturb plants during this period of time. Let them calm down after the Full Moon.

August 21, 22: Aries is incredibly impulsive, so that even in the plant world there may be problems in roses, ficus, as well as in some members of the cactus family. Any damage will adversely affect the life of the plant, so be careful.

August 23, 24: The two most favorable days for people do not mean that there is a favorable period for the plant world, but your pets will be able to absorb more nutrients than usual. Plant nutrition will be very useful due to the interaction of the Moon and Taurus.

August 25, 26: Twins and waning say that on the 23rd and 24th lunar days it is better to give the plants more freedom. Be very careful when watering — if you overdo it, it will negatively affect the plant.

August 27, 28: Today, you can do nipping plants. Cancer will strengthen their health and give them a lot of strength, even for a transplant.

August 29, 30: The lion and the waning moon — this is an extremely unfavorable combination, which adversely affects growth. It is better not to land at these three days at all. Beware of plant damage and soil drying.

Plants are our friends, and flowers are the keepers of peace of mind. Earlier we wrote about which flowers will bring happiness to your home. After all, flowers help to create a pleasant atmosphere at home and keep a good mood.

The lunar calendar of indoor plants wishes you love, good and a good month. And do not forget to press the buttons and

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