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Lunar calendar of favorable days of the week from September 11 to September 17

Lunar calendar of favorable days of the week from September 11 to September 17

Each of us needs more information about which days may be favorable at one time or another. The lunar calendar will tell you on which dates the chances of success will be as high as possible.

One of the most important rules of bioenergy is to dwell on problems as little as possible. That is why the lunar calendar of favorable days will be much more effective than the calendar of dangerous or adverse days. Astrologers report that there will be five favorable days in the week from September 11 to September 17.

What they will be specifically for you, depends only on your desires and attitude. Try to determine your main mission in advance.

September 11, Monday — working day

If you do not have any business, it does not mean that you need to be idle on Monday. The creative energy of the waning moon in alliance with Taurus suggests that it is time to work and work. Prefer labor-intensive matters.

These may be responsible tasks, negotiations with people. Perhaps your enemies are waiting for the first step — this option is also possible today. Usually, the greatest respect in business and at work is achieved on such days as Monday, September 11th.

In love, show patience, without which you simply will not have a chance to maintain balance in the future. Monday should be a day of diplomacy, excerpts. You can spend a little time planning, shopping, but not distracted from the main tasks.

About selfishness is better to forget.

September 12, Tuesday — personal affairs day

Tuesday is better to devote yourself completely. You can properly relax, if you have no work or you are not constrained by affairs. 22 lunar day will be the most positive this week.

It is almost completely devoid of negative aspects for each person. However, not everyone will be able to evade work and responsibilities. In this case, you can resort to the help of others. Do not refuse help on Tuesday.

In the lunar calendar, days like this are called days of rest, but rest is different. This is purely individual, because the fact that for one person is work, for the other is the best relaxation. The Gemini Sign will come into effect, which will influence us positively. It does not require any expenditure of energy, but in itself provokes the moon to a high level of return.

It will be a very good day, which should be spent as you want.

September 13, Wednesday — transshipment point

The second day of the interaction of the waning Moon and Gemini will be for many people a time of change, adaptation, awareness of their place in the world. 23 lunar day means that it is the third quarter. In general, this is a very good period, which is characterized by a slight physical passivity. Exercise is better to transfer to another day.

Fatigue can come on Wednesday very quickly, but the negatives end there. If in the recent past you had some important changes in your life that you could not get used to, then a miracle can happen on Wednesday this week. Try to find not excuses, but opportunities.

It will not be possible to do everything in full, but if you have a certain skill and desire, you will be able to come closer to success.

September 14, Thursday — the day of love

Love is a rather broad concept. The interaction of the waning Moon and Cancer is an indicator that the time has come to devote ourselves entirely to love. It means spiritual love. This auspicious day is perfect for building relationships, for finding the second half, and for new acquaintances.

This may also have a rather pleasant effect for business, where new contacts will come in handy. The first four days of this week will bring you a lot of positive and give you a lot of opportunities. On Thursday, the universe will require you to give everything in full. Even if you are fine with the second half, if everything is smooth with relatives, and everything is in full swing at work and without new acquaintances, this does not mean that it is time to relax.

Look for ways to improve an already wonderful relationship. This is a good time for love confessions, wedding planning, for joint business.

September 15, Friday — day of rest

The second day of the influence of Cancer on the Moon will be gray and boring, so the best option for succession of events will be a simple rest. This holiday can be not physical, but emotional, because most people, after all, work on Friday. Change the direction of activity, bring something new to the usual things.

Let this day be for you something like a neat rebuild, a small change in priorities. with all this, it is better to keep plans unchanged so as not to attract failures and not to risk once again. Responsibilities will be the most important things for you. Do not disappoint your colleagues, partners or bosses.

September 16, Saturday — the day of caution

This Saturday it is better not to get involved in adventures and not allow excitement to lead you. The lion will be very strong, and the moon will be weak, so most people can feel the craving for the «forbidden fruit.» Follow the generally accepted rules in all areas of life. Especially it concerns work, affairs financial.

In love, astrologers advise to avoid selfishness, jealousy, and envy. On Saturday no one should feel your displeasure or bad mood, because you risk being alone. It will be a shame if the whole fruitful and positive week ends with serious troubles on the basis of your impulsiveness.

September 17, Sunday — planning day

On Saturday, will begin its negative impact on the Moon Leo. By Sunday, he will lose almost the entire stock of forces, so he will become very positive. Your task will be to quickly resolve personal issues and responsibilities and move on to planning for a new week.

Astrologers say that fatigue can come pretty quickly on this day, so you have to spend more time in the fresh air and surrounded by close people. Despite the fact that it is not you who will lead the mood, but it is you, the day will be very fruitful for almost any business. In the financial sector and at work, try to be proactive and be leaders. In love, it is also better to take everything in hand, if you do not want to be disappointed.

This day will pass pretty quickly, so do not try to take on a large number of cases. Slightly moderate your ambition, but do not lose confidence that luck is on your side, for it will be so.

This week will bring many problems only to those who prefer to stay inactive. As many as five positive days is a swing to the title of the most productive week, not only in September, but for the entire first half of autumn and the end of summer. Forget about the autumn blues — you can transform your life beyond recognition. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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