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Lunar calendar of favorable days of the week from September 4 to 10

Lunar calendar of favorable days of the week from September 4 to 10

You should always know about favorable days in advance, because it is the days of power that contribute to the strongest surge of energy in people. You can always relax and abstract from problems, but now it is more difficult to find time to solve them.

In the coming week, astrologers advise all people without exception to reconsider their negative attitude towards something or someone. It is a great time to forgive your enemies and to give a second chance to those around you and deserve it. Do not discuss your plans for the future this week with outsiders — this will bring you happiness and save you from unnecessary problems.

Monday, September 4 — spiritual day

The power of the mind will be decisive on Monday. The week will start very fruitfully and very favorably, especially for those who are engaged in intellectual work. Your main task will be to defend your position, but without extreme measures.

Diplomacy will be the most powerful weapon for you. She will help save face leaders and become higher in the team.

In love, this day will be special too, as Aquarius on the rising moon favors romance. Staying in this Sign of the Zodiac will make all those who love non-standard dates, increased physical activity lucky. Sexual energy will be high on Monday.

Try to force yourself on the 14th lunar day to overcome all adversities and doubts. It will be Monday, so will power will help you to excel at work and succeed in business. Your main task on September 4th is not to abandon the work begun earlier.

Everything should have its meaning. Devote this day to work, changing the situation and just enjoyable things. Meet people and make new acquaintances.

September 7, Thursday is the most auspicious day.

Fish and the waning moon — a great combination, especially if this day is preceded by the Full Moon. The culmination of the lunar month will be held under the auspices of Pisces, and the next day the same constellation will contribute to increasing the likelihood of success in any affairs, in any areas of life. Every minute of the 17th lunar day will be positive.

This will be a very powerful “shot” of energy that will help you to direct all your forces in the right direction. It will be a very productive day at work, in domestic affairs, in love. You can safely plan for the future, including weddings, trips, vacations.

Do not look at your past on Thursday, although such a situation will also not be the worst, because self-analysis will help you find out your weaknesses and come to happiness.

It will be a very joyful day, which is characterized by sentimentality and a certain amount of romance. On Thursday, it is worthwhile to allocate your priorities according to family circumstances, rather than personal whims. On this day, astrologers recommend giving themselves without reserve to everyone who is dear to you.

September 10, Sunday — home day

On the last day of the coming week, the waning moon will be in the Sign of Taurus. This is a great combination that indicates an increase in the activity of the elements of the Earth. The material world will have the greatest weight in the life of every person.

On this day, you can spend money buying something for home, for your loved ones or for close people. If you are driven by a thirst for financial gain, then you will not go far. In the coming resurrection you need to spend more, invest.

With all this, it is better to shop remotely, on the Internet. Shopping trips may not be the best way to go. At home you will be more collected and attentive to details.

Work or rest on Sunday — only you decide. In principle, you will not feel the difference — the mood will remain good in any case. Take care of personal affairs or start repairs, cleaning.

Invite friends or be alone — you absolutely will not be addicted to all of this. The main thing is not to leave the comfort zone. If, on the contrary, you like traveling, active recreation and hate to stay at home, you will have to do it at least in the evening.

In the morning and in the afternoon, devote yourself to entertainment, and in the evening be ready to go into the shadows.

Yes, this week only three days will be truly favorable and strong. This means that you have to unleash your full potential on these days. It is not very easy when the world dictates its own rules and rules to you, but as they say, there is no easy war. Show everyone that you are ready to give everything, just not to lose success.

On Monday, Thursday and Sunday, try to test the strength of love or friendship. Love compatibility and compatibility in general can be felt, and understand how you fit this or that person, and how it suits you. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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