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Lunar calendar of favorable days of the week from September 25 to October 1

Lunar calendar of favorable days of the week from September 25 to October 1 of the year.

Moon energy changes daily. Recommendations of the weekly lunar calendar will help prepare for the upcoming events and correctly use the phases of the moon for your own benefit.

Spending a week in high spirits and achieving your goals is sometimes difficult. Many factors that affect us every day can reduce activity, excite the nervous system and prevent us from working productively. So that every day brings only joy and luck, bioenergy recommends the use of exercises that help restore inner harmony.

Also experts of the site dailyhoro.ru advise everyone to start the morning with a positive attitude.

Monday, September 25: Talent Discovery Day

On Monday, the moon will rise in the constellation Sagittarius. Astrologers call this day one of the most favorable this week. Thanks to the aggravated intuition, you can easily resolve all difficult issues.

September 25, the energy of the moon will be favorable for business activity. Bureaucratic issues will be solved easily, scientific and financial activities will be promoted. However, due to the lack of energy, people will be prone to some laziness and apathy.

Astrologers recommend using this day for romantic relationships, the development of hidden talents and abilities.

The sixth lunar day is also suitable for the start of planning new tasks and accomplishments. Such activities will help to focus on the main working points and to think in detail about the tactics of behavior for the next week.

Tuesday, September 26: Development Day

The rising moon continues its stay in Sagittarius. Tuesday marked an increase in energy, which will be successful for solving bureaucratic and legal issues.

The body at the beginning of the growth of the moon still continues to accumulate forces, which on Tuesday can be directed to self-education and development. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru recommend not postponing the unfinished business on Monday, so that by the end of the week not to be immersed in solving many small issues and troubles. The 6th lunar day, flowing smoothly on the 7th lunar day, will be successful for active physical activities and the implementation of plans.

Mars, the patron saint of this day, will give you enough energy for this.

September 26, astrologers recommend to refrain from promises that you can not fulfill. The situation may begin to develop quite differently as you planned.

Wednesday, September 27: the day of financial well-being

The seventh lunar day, rolling in the eighth, the moon will hold in the constellation Sagittarius. On Wednesday, active communication in both business and personal spheres of life will be successful, and thanks to the active influence of Mercury, many will be able to develop vigorous activity and succeed in affairs.

On Wednesday, according to astrologers, it is worth doing things associated with an increase in wealth. The moon’s energy in Sagittarius will allow you to freely conduct various financial transactions and transactions, and intuition will help avoid traps and deception. This day is intended for trade relations based on common agreements and compromises.

On Wednesday, it is good to play sports to improve the tone of the body and strengthen the immune system.

Thursday, September 28: important day

On Thursday, the Moon enters the zodiac constellation of Capricorn, so this day will be quite difficult in terms of communication. Business and personal relationships will require increased attention on your part and making informed decisions.

The eighth lunar day favorable for travel and business trips, moving to a new place. According to astrologers, unfavorable activities will be interaction with state authorities, risky and ill-considered actions related to finances. In connection with the growth of the Moon, the process of recovery of the body after diseases and injuries received is somewhat slow.

Caution should be exercised in everyday life and observe safety precautions when working with sharp objects.

Friday, September 29: Day of Recovery

On Friday, the Moon will continue to stay in Capricorn, and its energy will be somewhat aggressive. In this regard, on September 29, try to avoid any conflict situations so as not to make enemies and problems for yourself. Astrologers recommend on this day to pay attention to unfinished business, which do not require large energy costs.

In financial terms, losses and delays in payments are possible today, so saving and proper distribution of funds would be appropriate.

The growth of the moon provokes a surge of strength, and Friday will be a good time to start a course of exercises that increase the tone of the body. Any initiatives related to recovery, will help you strengthen the immune system and successfully repel attacks of germs and viruses.

Saturday, September 30: the day of love

Saturday, the moon will spend in the constellation of Aquarius. This time is favorable for people of creative professions, for self-development and improvement. September 30 will be successful in establishing personal relationships, romantic dates and the search for a new love.

Working moments will be easy, including activities related to the holding of meetings, conferences and communication. Increased activity associated with the growth of the moon, is well suited for the completion of previously postponed cases, new beginnings, the introduction of their own developments. In terms of health, the day is suitable for restoring immunity and active walks in the fresh air.

Sunday, October 1: active day

The rise of the moon continues in the constellation of Aquarius. Increased activity and body tone on the last day of the week allows you to do absolutely any business, but communication with the authorities is better to postpone until a better time.

11 lunar day is designed to relax after a busy week of work, household chores and active communication with loved ones. On Sunday, the powerful energy of the Moon will allow you to perform a lot of planned activities, go on a trip or a business trip, complete the work and begin developing plans for the rest of your life. The fateful decisions made on this day will affect your life, so astrologers recommend carefully weighing all the pros and cons.

Every lunar day is worth starting with your favorite activities, so that a good mood accompanies your accomplishments. Astrologers recommend using charms that bring good luck, and bypass people who radiate negative energy. We wish you good luck, a positive attitude, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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