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Lunar calendar of favorable days of the week from August 28 to September 3

Lunar calendar of favorable days of the week from August 28 to September 3

Lunar days have unique energy that must be used to achieve goals and strengthen the biofield.

The lunar calendar will help everyone to make a plan of affairs for the next week and to achieve success in all areas of activity. Astrologers recommend every day to start with a positive attitude and not to succumb to the difficulties that may arise due to changes in the lunar energy.

Monday, August 28

On Monday, the rising moon will be in the constellation Scorpio. The influence of the constellation will have a positive impact on mental activity, and the rise of vital energy will allow you to start the week with vigorous affairs.

Astrologers recommend starting the week on the move, so as not to experience difficulties with an excess of their own energy in the evening. Any actions aimed at creation and development will be successful subject to self-control and organization. August 28 will be a good day for solving previously deferred tasks, planning and starting projects, new acquaintances in both business and personal life.

The body on the first day of the week under the influence of the growing Moon accumulates strength, so your activity should be moderate. Distributing forces for the whole working day, you can avoid both overwork and energy overload.

Tuesday, August 29

8 lunar day will be influenced by the zodiac Sagittarius. This time will be successful for cases aimed at solving bureaucratic and legal issues and tasks. Successful will be all sorts of business trips in order to obtain new experience, cooperation and networking. Caution should be exercised in matters relating to the sale of real estate.

Be careful when signing documents to avoid mistakes.

The day is successful for the active maintenance of body tone and measures aimed at improving immunity. However, on Tuesday, the probability of injury increases, which, under the influence of the Moon’s energy, will heal more slowly than usual.

Wednesday, August 30

On Wednesday, the moon continues to grow in the constellation Sagittarius, and this time will be filled with controversial energy. The effect of the constellation will negatively affect the emotional background, which can lead to the aggravation of conflict situations.

In the business area on August 30, a difficult time will come. Astrologers urge to remain calm, to prevent rash actions and words in relation to business partners. The growing moon will generously share the forces that can be directed to the implementation of planned tasks.

Especially favorable will be mental work, which should be alternated with minutes of physical activity.

Thursday, August 31

The growth of the moon in the constellation of Capricorn will have a positive effect on people’s energy. This time is successful for the realization of creative potential, creation and self-development. Under the influence of Jupiter, the patron of Thursday, intuition will sharpen, allowing you to choose the best path to achieve well-being.

In the business sphere, it is worthwhile to beware of money transactions due to the risk of losing a part of the funds or delaying payments. However, August 31 will be extremely successful solution of real estate issues. Astrologers recommend spending the last day of summer in high spirits.

Meditation aimed at achieving inner harmony will help to eliminate mood swings.

Friday, September 1

The constellation of Capricorn and the phase of the growing moon fill the first day of autumn with a powerful stream of positive energy. This time is intended for action to achieve well-being.

A significant increase in vitality is favorable for the implementation of the most ambitious plans and ideas. Successful will be the affairs associated with the organization and conduct of various business and leisure activities. Any questions today are solved surprisingly easily, so the success of September 1 is entirely dependent on your determination and perseverance.

On Friday, long journeys, relocation of activities, relocation, purchase of real estate and other fateful decisions will be successful. In personal life, it is time for change. From your decision will depend on the further course of events.

Saturday, September 2

On Saturday, the Moon in the constellation of Capricorn will actively interact with people’s energy. This time is not good for interpersonal relationships. Mood swings can cause conflict situations, so astrologers recommend to monitor your emotions and tune in to positive thoughts.

In the business field, successful initiatives will be the solution of previously uncomplicated issues and problems. Astrologers recommend alternating intellectual activity with rest minutes to prevent mistakes and omissions. With proper attitude, business meetings and trade and procurement activities will advance well.

Sunday September 3

On Sunday, under the influence of the constellation of Aquarius, there comes a good time for creative activity, self-education and active cooperation. A favorable energy day will be successful for the implementation of its ambitious projects.

In the business sphere, increased activity will help solve the most complex and intricate tasks without much effort. Successful will be getting new knowledge in your industry, visiting advanced training courses. Not bad will be promoted social activities.

In personal life, possible exacerbation of conflict situations associated with an excess of energy. It is possible to avoid emotional surges with the help of active physical exertion and good rest in a circle of people close in spirit.

Coordinate your business with the lunar energy and use its phases to achieve your own well-being. We wish you a productive week, happiness in business and personal life. Take care of yourself, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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