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Lunar calendar of favorable days in September

Lunar calendar of favorable days in September of the year

The lunar calendar contains information about each upcoming day. The list of the most favorable of them will help you to plan things for the coming month.

To make every day successful and productive for you, use three daily rituals to help you become a successful person. Absolutely adverse days do not exist: in the end, the presence of good luck or the lack of it is the result of the thoughts of each of us.

September 1 — shopping and planning day

The waning Moon in Taurus is a good combination, especially on a day off, when people are not burdened with deeds and experiences. The first day of the month is Saturday. It is better to devote it to purchases, and astrologers advise to buy something for the house: furniture, accessories.

You can also invest in your own development, in a change of style and image. September 1 is to plan things for a month. If this is a joint plan, then try to be as diplomatic and attentive as possible to other people’s requests and desires.

September 2 — day of active rest

The decline of the lunar disk in the Gemini Sign means that the world is controlled by the positive energy of the Air element. The first weekend of the month will be extremely productive for most people. On Sunday, it is desirable to have a good rest, but not at home, but in the open air, away from the city.

On this day, you can and even need to go to the cottage, hiking. The main thing is not to stay at home.

Changing the situation will benefit all, but more so — those who are very tired. Astrologers call this day a mini-vacation. It will help you forget about the immediate problems and tune in to a positive wave.

September 4 — the day of creative searches

The twins will rule the world for three days. The last day of their reign will be no less productive than the first. Thus, the first Tuesday of September can be an incredibly positive day for everyone who is in search of a new hobby, the second half or is experiencing a creative crisis.

September 4th is better to listen to your own heart.

Excessive logic can spoil the creative work. That means it’s time for risks and adventures. 4 numbers can risk and be happy for a long time, or stay in the shadow of their fears, losing the opportunity to succeed in the financial and business spheres.

September 10 — work time

This will be the first day after the New Moon and one of the most positive in the lunar calendar of September. He will pass under the auspices of the Virgin, which will help to tune in to active labor activity. An additional plus is that it will be Monday. These days have to work, to the maximum attention and concentration.

Virgo will increase your performance and make the influence of the growing moon very positive.

The greatest success will be waiting for everyone who knows how to focus on the most important things, and not on the most simple ones. If you are not afraid of tasks that require a large investment of time and effort, you can seriously increase your income. This day is also great for learning and getting new knowledge.

September 14 — time for spiritual quest

The growing moon in Scorpio provokes people to search for new goals in life, to new achievements. September 14 will be a truly productive day. This is the perfect time for parting with their fears, doubts. Each person will have the opportunity to defeat their phobias.

Listen to the advice of loved ones and your intuition. If there are no conflicts between them, then know that you are on the right track.

On this day, you can become a little more selfish, focus attention on yourself. Negative attitudes that make it difficult to achieve the desired will go away if they are not allowed to act.

September 15, 16 — time of change of situation

Sagittarius and the young moon are perfectly combined with each other. These two days will be a great time for business trips, image changes, costly acquisitions and new acquaintances.

These days, each of us will have more strength to resist the influence of other people. Sagittarius can add selfishness, so it is better not to lose the ability to share a good mood with others.

September 20 — the time of financial activity

On this day, the growing moon will be under the positive influence of Aquarius. This sign of the zodiac will be perfectly combined with the active energy of the Moon, so 20 astrologers and experts at the site dailyhoro.ru call the best for new beginnings and creative activity. The greatest number of positive emotions can bring purchases and investments.

It is best to buy something new, bright and emotional. This may be a new car or a bright new T-shirt — the main thing is that this gift to yourself really suits you and pleases in all aspects.

September 30th is a day of calm rest.

Twins and the waning moon will join forces to create ideal conditions for rest. On this day, it is better not to think about work or problems. On the last day of September it will be important to abstract from everything that you are tired of.

You should not work on this day or leave the house for a long time. If you stay in your own walls and do something pleasant, you will be able to clean out the negatives accumulated over the month. According to the lunar calendar, this is an important day in which everyone should think first about themselves.

Of course, positive days are always much less than mediocre and dangerous, but this does not mean that the month as a whole will be unsuccessful. If you feel that failures are approaching, use three methods of protection against negative energy. In most cases, problems have an energy basis — they are not accidental.

On difficult days, look for ways to improve your mood, and on favorable opportunities for self-realization. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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