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Lunar calendar of favorable days in November

Lunar calendar of favorable days in November of the year

The last autumn month is important to spend as fruitfully as possible, completing the necessary work. With the help of the monthly lunar calendar, you can plan responsible tasks for favorable days and succeed in both business and personal life.

The end of autumn is an important transitional stage. The beginning of winter will be unproductive, since in December people begin gradual preparation for the New Year holidays, and the closer the winter holidays, the less I want to devote time to work. Therefore, in November it is so important to complete all long-term projects, to plan the business for a month.

So that you can use the positive influence of the Moon for your own benefit, the experts at the site dailyhoro.ru have prepared for you a calendar of favorable days for the month.

Sunday, November 5: the day of financial transactions

The first auspicious day of the month will be influenced by the waning moon. Her presence in the constellation Taurus will endow the day with positive energy. On Sunday, the most successful cases will be cash transactions and investment in securities.

Diminishing forces, however, can lead to a desire to rest. On Sunday, astrologers recommend making plans for the next week and completing current affairs that do not require you to spend a lot of energy.

The day will be successful for personal relationships, new acquaintances and making responsible decisions in family life. Also on November 5, light physical exertion, walks in the fresh air and easy communication will bring benefits. The day is literally permeated with invigorating energy that should be used without a trace.

Wednesday and Thursday, November 8 and 9: creative days

The moon continues to decline, and these days it will be in the constellation of Cancer. Wednesday and Thursday are intended for work that does not take away strength. Best of all will be the activity that you do all the time. Favorable time will come for people of creative professions.

On Wednesday and Thursday, you should be careful with finance: it is better not to make spontaneous purchases. Also experts of the site dailyhoro.ru recommend to refuse to issue loans because of the high probability of delaying the return of debts.

These days, great beginnings will be the release of bad habits, as well as activities aimed at spiritual growth. It is worth choosing a time for meditations in order to find inner harmony and comfort. Family people these days should pay attention to the family and surround the care of loved ones.

Sunday and Monday, November 12 and 13: business days

The union of the moon and the zodiacal constellation Virgo gives you the opportunity to do hard work related to calculations, information gathering and summarizing current activities. With a thoughtful approach, all affairs will succeed, but a waning moon takes power. You can restore energy with the help of light physical exertion, as well as distribution of duties for the day.

Impression and emotionality caused by the waning moon, can cause disagreements and conflict situations. To avoid this state of affairs will help privacy, adherence to the daily routine and rest. To make the days go in a positive way, start each morning with your favorite activities and avoid negative thoughts.

Wednesday, November 15: rest day

The last phase of the waning moon in the constellation of Libra is designed to complete cases that do not take much time. This time is worth spending in a calm state, not trying to turn all the accumulated work. Wednesday is a good time for charity, mutual aid and revenue.

This day is worth dedicating to close people who need your attention and support.

The passivity of the day and the outflow of vitality can provoke a desire to row up or clarify the relationship. You can cope with mood swings by resorting to art therapy. Coloring mandalas will give you a rainbow mood and help you relax.

Thursday, November 16: Health Day

The waning moon and the constellation of Scorpio endow space with harmonious energy. This day can be safely devoted to responsible decisions, as well as the acquisition of expensive goods. Astrologers believe that buying a car will bring only pleasant emotions to the owner, and the started repairs will be carried out without complications.

Forces are gradually declining, so on Thursday attention needs to be paid to well-being. To be in shape, you can walk in a nearby park, or hold a light home workout. Also on November 16, it will be useful to strengthen the immune system with the help of tasty and healthy decoctions of herbs.

Sunday, November 19: a positive day

The beginning of the growth of the moon will hold in the constellation Sagittarius. There is little energy yet, so you should not plan global affairs that require increased attention and high energy costs. On this day, well-resolved legal issues, the conclusion of transactions and active cooperation in business.

The energy of the day is good for activity, but avoid overwork. Useful for health on the second lunar day will be classes in maintaining vitality, for example, the beginning of the course of Tibetan hormonal gymnastics. Also on Sunday, you should use any opportunity to lift the mood.

You can safely go on trips, hiking trips, to meet with friends.

Friday and Saturday, November 24 and 25: active days

The rising moon these days will occupy a position in the constellation of Aquarius. Days filled with positive energy will be successful for active creative work. In connection with the growth of the night luminary, mental abilities are increasing, which is well reflected in matters related to intellectual activity.

Therefore, do not abandon refresher courses, new knowledge and their application in practice.

Good intuition these days will help determine the true intentions of the people around you, find a way out of a difficult situation, and give up the help of negative-minded individuals. You can get rid of detractors and clarify relationships not only in business, but also in the personal sphere of life.

Tuesday, November 28: planning day

The growth of the moon continues, and on November 28 it will remain in the constellation Pisces. This is a good time for relaxation, travel and business trips, where you can solve all your questions. The day is intended for recreation, but not passive, but active, otherwise an excess of energy may push you to rash actions at the end of the day.

In the business sphere, this day you can succeed, if you do not be lazy and force yourself to work, without plunging into the world of illusions. Astrologers recommend to sort out complex issues, plan things for the next month, and also without fear of contacting legal authorities to resolve important issues.

Every day, the Moon changes position and can not only help, but also hinder the implementation of your plans. To be ready for any situation, use the lunar calendar for every day. It reflects all the features of each day and provides effective recommendations. We wish you a positive mood and good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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