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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week of January 9 to 15

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from January 9 to January 15

Knowing which days will be the most favorable, you can most successfully plan the whole week and spend time with maximum benefit.

The moon is a constant satellite of the Earth, and its influence on people is great. To use the lunar energy for your own benefit, plan things in accordance with its phases and change your life for the better.

Between January 9 and January 15, the most successful will be only three days. The remaining days are neutral and do not carry negative. To use the favorable days to the fullest, recharge your amulets with energy, which will support you in difficult times.

Monday, January 9: energetically rich day

On the first day of the week, Stars will give you a chance to start everything from scratch. If in the past any mistakes were made, then from Monday you will have the opportunity to take into account previous experience and prepare for a new start. The Gemini Zodiac will have a great influence on the growing moon. This will contribute to the successful start of any business.

The main thing is to remember about creativity and to trust your intuition, which, if desired, can be developed with simple exercises.

In terms of communication, you can easily make new acquaintances and maintain relationships with old friends. And openness and a smile will help attract the attention of the opposite sex. Even if you are in a relationship, easy flirting will turn positive and once again remind everyone of your attractiveness.

Wednesday, January 11th: a stable day

Mid-week is well suited for well-established work and the conclusion of contracts. In the process of negotiation or presentation, focus on the facts and figures. This will help you quickly get the desired result.

Today is not the time for turbulent emotions and tense atmosphere. Immediately stop any conflicts and propose a compromise solution. Such an approach to business will attract the attention of the authorities and give rise to your career growth.

In a relationship, you also should not experiment. This is the time to solve everyday issues and make plans for the future. If you’ve been on vacation for a long time, start by gathering information and discussing the details.

Also Wednesday is a favorable day for travel and declarations of love.

Sunday, January 15th: a day of pleasant surprises

Despite the waning moon, this day of the week will be favorable for hard work and spiritual practices. Engage in self-education: if you have long dreamed of taking certain courses, then start your studies on this particular day. All the information obtained will benefit you and will further increase your profits.

Meditating on the activation of all the chakras will be a good start for internal harmonization and will restore your energy balance. And in order to completely avoid stress and stressful situations, stay in the open air more and attend massage courses.

From January 9 to January 15, favorable days were evenly distributed throughout the week. This will allow time to feed on success and achieve even ambitious goals. And to ensure that success was permanent, use runic formulas to influence any sphere of life. The lunar calendar wishes you faith in yourself, fulfillment of desires, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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