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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week of May 8-14

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from May 8 to 14

The lunar calendar of favorable days for the week and the advice of astrologers will help you plan your time correctly and achieve success in the areas of life of interest.

The moon this week is somewhat weakened and gives less energy replenishment. However, with the help of internal reserves and motivation these days, you can do a lot of important things. Start Monday correctly so that every day of the week is charged with positive and desire to reach new heights.

May 11 The Full Moon in the Sign of Scorpio will allow you to attract material well-being with the help of rituals proven by time and many people.

Wednesday, May 10th is the day of responsible decisions.

The rise of the moon occurs in the constellation Scorpio. This period is favorable for the most responsible cases and making instant decisions. Astrologers note the activation of internal potential, which can be realized in matters aimed at achieving well-being. On Wednesday, well-developed business plans, new projects, laying the foundations for future victories.

It is worth paying attention to matters that require high energy consumption: the growth of the Moon provides an additional source of strength that must be sent in the right direction. May 10, a good start will be to strengthen family ties and improve the quality of life. A large amount of vital energy and a positive mood allow you to move, repair, rearrange furniture and work on the garden plot.

To strengthen the body will be useful exercise.

Friday, May 12 — harmonious day

The waning moon moves to the constellation of Sagittarius, and the 16th lunar day is filled with harmonious energy. Astrologers say good luck in matters involving the authorities: on Friday, bureaucratic hitch-ups are easier than usual. In order to arrange the necessary documents without delay, use whispers that attract good luck. A large amount of vital energy today is important to send in the right direction.

May 12, the most successful way out will be to engage in creativity or sports. On Friday, you can already see the results of fruitful work and think through a strategy for further behavior. This day is successful for self-development, improvement of the skills and positive communication with relatives.

Saturday, May 13 — the day of emancipation

The waning moon in Sagittarius continues to take away the vitality, but today there comes a day when people can feel the inner freedom and joy. For the day off is characterized by harmonious energy, which is important to send to achieve their own well-being. Success in business is waiting for people in the field of jurisprudence and taxes. This day, according to astrologers, is ideal for frank confessions, rapprochement of lovers and marriage.

The energy of creation and self-improvement allows us to become better, to outline plans for further development and to get rid of bad habits and inclinations. Business people should pay attention to previously postponed cases in order to free up the next week for new tasks. Successful due to the harmonious energy will be business meetings, budgeting and work with numbers.

Every day can be made favorable if you are in a state of mental balance and maintain a positive attitude. In order to achieve harmony, specialists in bioenergy recommend working with chakras that help energize with cosmic energy flows. We wish you new victories, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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