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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week of August 8-14

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week of August 8 to 14

The lunar calendar is our faithful assistant in the struggle for success. Astrologer advice based on an analysis of the energy state of the moon helps us to find new methods of attracting Fortune.

From 8 to 14 August, we are waiting for the whole 5 favorable days. Most of them will be useful for people with a business bias. Additionally, you can read our financial horoscope for the week from 8 to 14 August.

He will help you strengthen your position in monetary and career frontiers.

Monday, August 8

In the lunar calendar, this day is the seventh in a row. The growing moon combined with the sign of Libra will help you to make this day extremely favorable for any business activity. The only thing that is required of you is responsibility and the right attitude to the advice of loved ones.

Business cooperation will bring many fruits, but you should avoid important decisions. Postpone them until tomorrow. Today, try to work during the day, and in the evening how to relax.

This Monday will be the personification of this productive working day. Do not neglect the opinion of astrologers. Try to complete the work started and do not plan anything for this week.

Pay attention to what is important right now.

Tuesday, August 9

On Tuesday, there will be no time to rest, because luck in the financial and business areas of life will not leave us. On this lunar day, Scorpio will have a big impact on people’s lives. Finally, the time has come for making important decisions that yesterday prevented us from taking Libra.

Today, the situation is quite different — it is possible not only to take up new affairs, but also to boldly engage in long-term planning for the future.

Scorpio, despite the incredible energy, can not make this day absolutely positive in everything. The growing Moon, quite possibly, will prevent to reach full mutual understanding with colleagues and close people. Communication will take place in an extremely tense atmosphere.

Also, the Moon has positive qualities on 9 August. According to astrologers, business trips, travels and travels will be good today. Do not delay for tomorrow what you can do today — this is the main slogan of August 9th.

Wednesday, August 10

This day is incredibly similar in its energy to the previous one, because Scorpio is still in business. His strength is almost exhausted, so be prepared for new battles. Try to use plots and rituals on the growing moon today to draw even more luck into your life.

Energy surge will be just the way.

Today, relatives and close people can provide you with serious help. Good luck will not leave you if you act in a team with those whom you trust and who trust you. Some new ideas should be voiced to colleagues so that they help assess their relevance.

Do not be afraid of what you do not understand — it is better to look at some things on such a day from different sides.

Friday and Saturday, August 12, 13

On Friday and Saturday, we are waiting for two almost identical days in their energy, which will be influenced by Sagittarius. The combination of the growing moon and this zodiac sign says that we will be lucky not only in financial matters and career battles, but in love.

The 10th and 11th lunar days will help us to realize any plans, because in the energetic plan the Sagittarius and the growing Moon are very well combined. These two days will be perfect for those who work a lot with imagination, as well as for those involved in resolving legal issues.

Seeing the world from the other side is what Sagittarius gives us. For people engaged in art, it will be a ticket to a brighter future. This is especially true of writers and artists.

We wish you success in all areas of life. Read the daily lunar calendar to know more about each day ahead. This will help you make your life better, and your actions more productive. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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