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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week of September 19-25

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from September 19 to September 25

Knowing which days are the most favorable can be planned in advance, and the most important tasks to perform at this time. Follow the recommendations of the lunar calendar and attract luck and abundance to your life.

Many argue that success depends only on our decisions and actions, and this is true. But you can make your life much easier and achieve a lot on favorable days, because it is this period that is under the auspices of the Higher Forces. And in order to make it easier to understand how the universe works, apply its laws in practice and attract more abundance to your life.

From September 19 to 25, the most successful days will fall in the second half of the week. Astrologers advise this time to release for a decisive breakthrough. But the beginning of the period should not be written off, because these days you will need to collect the necessary information and thorough preparation for future actions.

It is also necessary to take into account the Moon phase, which will decrease throughout the week, so you should not waste your energy.

Wednesday September 21 is a day suitable for making deals.

You had enough time to properly prepare. Now it’s time for action. The lunar calendar advises tune in to the positive and rush into battle.

To achieve the desired goal, you will be helped not only by professional qualities, but also by firm confidence in your own success, which can be developed with the help of daily affirmations.

Relationship with a partner will also go up the hill. If you want to make your relationship more intimate, then arrange a joint walk or spend time for a romantic dinner. You can come up with other options, as long as you are just the two of you and you are interested in such communication.

Thursday, September 22 is a fruitful day for any beginnings.

The moon is influenced by the Gemini Constellation, which means that the day will be full of emotions and events. Do not miss the opportunity to launch a new project, conclude an agreement with partners or offer the management an original approach to solving protracted issues. Today everything will be easy, because Thursday is the most favorable and energetically powerful day during the entire period from September 19 to 25.

In private life, interesting pastime and active rest are also encouraged. Arrange a surprise for your soulmate, which she has long dreamed of and will see how many positive emotions a gift made from the soul can cause. But it will only work if you know your partner well and you have common interests.

And to find out how much you approach each other from the horoscope of compatibility.

Friday, September 23 — the day of analysis and planning for the future

The moon will go to the constellation of Cancer, which will pacify your emotions a bit and will allow you to soberly assess the situation. This day is suitable for analysis and work on the bugs. If you want to correct something in the process of moving towards a goal, then September 23 is perfect for such actions.

Also today is favorable for communication with the authorities on the topic of your career advancement and salary increase.

Relationships with relatives will also become more mundane, you can easily discuss domestic issues and find a compromise in any business. If you want to spend your free time alone with yourself and your thoughts, just ask your partner not to distract you for a while. So you can calm down and understand yourself.

And in order to find inner harmony, it is enough to use simple exercises.

From September 19 to September 25, every day will be filled with opportunities. In order not to miss the most important, follow the information in the weekly lunar calendar. Believe in yourself, share positive with others and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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