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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week of December 19-25

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from December 19 to 25

The desire to be lucky is in all of us. Sometimes it seems that quite a bit of luck was not enough to fulfill our plans. The lunar calendar will help in planning cases on the most favorable days of the week.

The first winter and last month of the expiring year is coming to an end. Pre-holiday bustle takes people’s thoughts more and more. This week, in the opinion of astrologers, will be generally favorable. It is worth paying attention to the completion of everyday affairs and reap the rewards of their labor in high spirits.

In order to fulfill all our plans and be on top, it will not be out of place to attract good luck.

Astrologers predict an increased influence of the Earth’s magnetosphere on weather-sensitive people. Predictions of magnetic storms will prompt the most dangerous days for well-being and methods for improving the general physical and emotional state.

Monday, December 19: Day of Knowledge and Intuition

On Monday, the Moon will be in the Sign of the Virgin. This period is favorable for mental activity. The influence of the Constellation will allow you to focus on the main work and not miss important details.

The energy peak under the influence of the moon is gradually declining, and there will be enough energy to complete the planned affairs. A good choice will be self-improvement and obtaining new knowledge.

In personal relationships, astrologers advise to restrain emotions rushing out and take into account the words of the interlocutor. A change of mood is characteristic of the period of lowering energy and the influence of Virgo. Ability to intuitive thinking will increase and help you choose the right path.

Those who listen to the inner voice, as a rule, manage to avoid insidious traps and difficulties.

Tuesday, December 20: the day of creativity

21 lunar days will also be held under the auspices of the Virgin. The period of reducing the energetic influence of the moon is favorable for creative work and spiritual practices. The day is good for financial transactions. Astrologers recommend concentrating on topical issues and not taking responsibility for doing a few important things.

On a lunar day, under the influence of Mars, it is easier to get rid of bad habits. A good choice would be sports and immunity.

Romantic relationships and tender feelings on this day will be enhanced under the influence of the zodiac Virgo. On Tuesday, the Stars are supportive of loving couples and help in finding a partner for further relationships. Natalya Pravdina’s advice will help you achieve success on the love front.

Wednesday, December 21: Day of rest

On Wednesday, the Moon turns into Libra. Constellation affects concentration and leads to abstract thinking. This day is recommended to devote to the completion of current affairs and the construction of plans for the near future. Favorable time to think about upcoming purchases and plan holidays.

Astrologers recommend spending the evening on a shopping trip in search of gifts and souvenirs.

Those who are in a relationship, astrologers are advised to brighten up life by joint walks and trips to the cinema or theater. Young people should not abuse their energy reserves and refrain from visiting noisy institutions. During this period, there is a chance to face a big loss of vitality.

This is fraught with headaches and general fatigue, which will not allow to focus on important matters.

Saturday, December 24th: Thought Day

The waning moon together with the constellation Scorpio improves brain activity. This day will be favorable for increased activity and responsible affairs. The influence of Saturn will help to focus and fulfill the planned cases.

Those who plan to take a more paid position should pay attention to their words — organization and measured actions will help to achieve the desired.

Your diplomacy will allow you to avoid conflicts in communication and to enlist the support of colleagues for the future successful future. Scorpio favors those who do not pay attention to the annoying troubles and know how to stop in time. Personal relationships should not be overshadowed by clashes and mutual cavils.

Stars recommend couples who have problems, take a break and rethink their relationship.

Regardless of the predictions of the lunar calendar, it is important to understand that motivation is necessary for a successful and prosperous life. You can tune in to productive work and success with the help of daily affirmations. Your attention and responsiveness will help to avoid the traps of fate and to be at your best in any situation.

The lunar calendar wishes you the fulfillment of the plan. Watch your health and do not forget to press the buttons and

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