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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week of July 18-24

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from July 18 to July 24

Favorable days of the week are due to the position of the planets and lunar influence. When the most important things will be successful, and what day is favorable for love, you will find out in our article.

This week, only three days will be particularly strong in terms of energy. But they can be used with maximum success, if you listen to the advice of astrologers. You should not assume that all other days will be unsuccessful: you can take a maximum daily using the lunar calendar.

Monday, July 18

Being in the constellation of Capricorn, the Moon will contribute to any work, but in particular — domestic affairs. In working terms, this day is especially good for starting new projects or promoting ideas. All career prospects will depend on you.

The stars will support on Monday any of your endeavors, both unambiguously leading to success, and to failure. Avoiding failures is easy. There is only one condition for their successful implementation: the whole plan of action must be thought out in detail and in advance.

On Monday, it is also quite easy and just possible to establish contact with the household. Therefore, if you feel any misunderstandings or disagreements in your family, you will manage to solve them and find a compromise that will suit everyone.

Thursday July 21

This is the day after the Full Moon, so all the positive energy that reached its peak on the previous day can now be used for good. The moon will be in the constellation of Aquarius, which means that the brain at this time is working at full strength. It is advisable to take into account its activity on this day and use it for holding scientific conferences or joint work on the plan of a new project.

The originality of thinking will clearly be felt, therefore the result of your labors will be good, starting from the approach to solving the problem.

In terms of your inner state and mood, you will be at your best. The day is favorable, and he will give a feeling of happiness and love. Even if the relationship does not prove durable, new acquaintances will give pleasant feelings and emotions.

Moreover, they may be useful as a result. Love relationships will delight you with their passion. You can learn about the development of love relationships this week from a love horoscope.

Sunday July 24

One of the most quiet and relaxing days this week. It can be perfectly used for privacy: astrologers advise to reduce contacts on this day. Use this day for spiritual relaxation: read a book, watch a movie, or spend time listening to your favorite music.

A very nice effect this day will have a relaxing warm bath. The more complete and enjoyable vacation you arrange for yourself, the more energy you will have next week.

Sunday calendar of successful days is a great time for love beginnings. Therefore, planning a meeting with your loved one for this day, be prepared for the most pleasant emotions. You can have a romantic dinner together or stroll through the city at night.

Both you and your partner will be pleased with the time spent together.

In monetary terms, the environment will be successful, as is the day of the strong influence of the planet Mercury. But it is worth being careful not to fall for the deception. The lunar calendar wishes you more auspicious days and beginnings, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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