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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week of April 10 to 16

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week of April 10 to 16

Focusing on information about favorable days in the coming week, you can plan important things for this particular time. Then success and abundance will not pass you by.

Many people consider themselves lucky because they are always lucky. Often they just trust the intuition and begin to act at the most appropriate moment. To consciously choose a favorable time, you can use the data of the lunar calendar, as well as take into account the laws of the Universe, which work flawlessly in any situation.

April 12, Wednesday — Day of Opportunity

This day is the first in the descending moon phase and immediately follows the Full Moon, so it creates a special favorable energy for all life spheres. Since the Moon will interact with the constellation Scorpio, all planned business meetings will be successful. Also bring positive results of business trips and travel on personal matters.

Even leaving home for shopping, you can meet with the right person, who will later become an excellent business assistant for you.

In the personal sphere, everything is also going well. Those who are in search of the second half, the lunar calendar recommends spending their leisure time in a noisy company. Think positive, and with your positive attitude you will attract the desired fans. Family people better spend time in a cozy atmosphere and only in the company of the closest.

This will help you relax and rejuvenate for new achievements.

April 13, Thursday — energetic day

The moon continues to be in the Sign of Scorpio, which will allow you to successfully complete all the protracted affairs. Also on this day, all conversations with the authorities regarding your increase and increase in payment will be well. However, be careful and do not brag too much in front of your colleagues for your achievements, as some of them may envy you and thereby weaken your energy.

This day will be successful for any major purchases and trips out of town. If you have a planned vacation, then it is better to go on a trip today. Also April 13 is suitable for resolving issues related to the relocation or acquisition of real estate.

April 16, Sunday — calm day

Although this day is one of the favorable ones, nevertheless the lunar energy will be slightly weaker than in previous days. This is due to the decreasing phase, which is gaining momentum every day. However, this does not greatly affect the successful coincidence of circumstances.

Use this time to analyze and plan for the future. This applies to both business projects and personal life.

But to lend even small amounts today is not recommended. Such behavior may adversely affect your luck, and the whole next month will be associated with unexpected expenses. To avoid such risks, gently deny a request for a money loan and use a special ritual to help off debts and credits.

From April 10 to 16 you will have enough opportunities to make and fulfill your desires. The main thing is to learn how to formulate them and choose the right time to send a request to the Universe. The lunar calendar wishes you a speedy achievement of your goals, new discoveries, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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