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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week of October 3-9

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week of October 3 to 9

Favorable days are filled with special energy. Learn how to use it to improve relationships and achieve high results from our article.

In the week of October 3-9, three particularly favorable in many ways of the day can be distinguished. Each of them has a special energy, which it gives the stars. Given that the moon is in the growth phase, activity will gradually increase. Try to always keep yourself in good shape.

To do this, we recommend you 5 breathing exercises that will increase your energy.

Tuesday, October 4

On Tuesday this week, the influence of the Scorpion Sign will be strongly felt, which is favorable for undertakings. Things you do will get a strong and stable base, which is already a great impetus for success. But it is necessary to act when you are confident in your abilities and capabilities.

Improving your own qualities and abilities and working on yourself will give excellent results. You can learn to act to the end, without departing from your own principles. Only your assertiveness will achieve the desired.

But whatever you aspire to, you will get to the full.

Wednesday, October 5

On this day, the Moon will be under the influence of the Sign Sagittarius, positively affecting the activity. Working with information and learning something will give you the information you need to move forward. In addition to the fact that you can easily build relationships with people around you, success is also expected in solving legal issues.

A favorable day on October 5 will provide an opportunity to realistically assess the abilities of people around. This can be especially useful for those who run their business or work by leading a group of people. It is advisable to plan all the most important things for this day: it will turn out to be one of the most successful in the week.

Saturday, October 8

The moon, going to the Capricorn Sign, will give a powerful impetus for the preparation of profitable and thoughtful plans for the future. Also, you can safely start all projects, because you can bring them to its logical conclusion. It is very important on this day not to stop halfway, if you solve serious problems.

Relationships can become strong if you jointly engage in common activities. Moreover, this applies not only to a loved one, but also to connections within the team. Among other things, October 8 is very good for travel and travel. You can find out more about what luck will bring today in the daily lunar calendar.

Adverse days from 3 to 9 October

There are several days that can be unsuccessful, but there is always the opportunity to fix it in time. A lot will depend on how you approach the solution of emerging issues and problems, since even negative energy can be either neutralized or used with good goals and intentions.

October 3: during the validity of the Scorpio Sign, problems may arise due to sudden and sudden decisions. It is recommended to work not in groups, but independently and separately. Try several times to consider all the pros and cons before proceeding to action.

October 9: Moon in the constellation Capricornus. There may be delays in the issuance of salaries or bonuses, generally financial difficulties. But they will not be critical. Much more important is what is happening in your soul.

You may be tormented by doubts and anxieties. Try not to think too much and be more restrained, then things will go smoothly.

Very often a person is interested in looking into the future. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the horoscope for this week and find out what the Stars predict for you in the coming days. Good luck. and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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