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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from July 11 to July 17

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from July 11 to July 17

Thanks to the lunar calendar, you can easily find out which days are the most successful. After all, a lot in our life depends on the state of the moon.

The upcoming period from July 11 to July 17 will be generally quite favorable. However, long-term interaction with the constellation Scorpio, which can negatively affect your mood, should be taken into account. Try not to spill your emotions on other people, and then you will be able to bypass all sharp corners.

To have a more detailed understanding of the nature of Scorpions, which can affect the development of events, study their characteristics and be fully armed.

Tuesday July 12th

The first quarter of the lunar phase in tandem with the zodiac constellation Libra will allow you to relax a bit and appreciate the work done. Try not to burden yourself with new things, but just enjoy life and reap the fruits of your work. Indeed, in our vanity time it is so hard to find harmony with oneself and just slow down the rhythm of life.

Another July 12 is suitable for the completion of protracted cases or the end of a certain life stage. If you have long postponed a serious conversation with your other half, then the energy of this day will help to break the ice and find a compromise solution.

Thursday, July 14

The influence of the constellation Scorpio will have just the way. If you use all the qualities of this Zodiac, then you can quickly and easily achieve your goals. That is why this day is considered favorable for starting new business, opening projects and laying the foundation for the future.

July 14, you can deal with serious issues that could fundamentally affect your future life. And the ability to concentrate and highlight the necessary details will help make the right choice. You can also turn to your intuition, which today will gain maximum strength.

To learn how to develop it, read our 5 effective exercises.

Friday, July 15

This day will also be held under the Badge of Scorpio. And here you need to be careful with your emotions and feelings, because they can equally well play your hands and spoil a lot of things. Everything will depend on your mood and ability to relax in time.

From July 11 to July 17, the Moon is at the very peak of activity, which contributes to an increase in energy and activity. This energy is best directed to the sphere of business and career growth. Doing this way, you will be able to get a substantial increase or additional sources of profit in the near future.

Sunday, July 17

The moon enters the constellation of Sagittarius, which may elevate you a little over earthly problems. Of course, this feeling of freedom and lightness will bring its positive results, if your work is connected with creativity. Otherwise, try to be more mundane and, before making a decision, remove the rose-colored glasses.

But in personal life, you just lacked such emotions. Enjoy love and sensuality, arrange a romantic walk or any other surprise for your soulmate. It will refresh your relationship and help you find true love.

Thanks to our celestial satellite, we solve a lot of problems much faster than expected. The moon helps us to cope with the troubles and attract the desired in our lives. To take full advantage of lunar energy, study in detail its phases of growth, and then your desires will begin to come true much faster. The lunar calendar of favorable days wishes you a great mood. and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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