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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from 2 to 8 January

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from January 2 to January 8

So that luck always accompanies you on the path of life, use the recommendations of the lunar calendar of favorable days.

Each of us dreams that the new day brings only joyful events. Catching a wave of luck will help meditation on the opening of the heart chakra. Practicing it daily after waking up, you will notice improvements in a week.

The most favorable days will fall on the first half of the week. At this time, any transactions and financial transactions will be successful. You can also enlist the support of the Higher Forces if you sincerely ask for help. The end of the week is best suited for spiritual practices and stress relief.

You should pay attention to your health and increase physical activity.

Tuesday, January 3 — the day of creative decisions

The beginning of the week is perfect for the completion of protracted cases. If something is not working out for you and cannot move from a place, use your imagination and look at the task from a different angle. Your imagination and fresh ideas will help you find the right solution and deal with all issues in the shortest possible time.

Free from work time, the lunar calendar recommends spending with loved ones. You should not retire for a long time and engage in self-digging. Go for a walk or a favorite cafe, share your achievements and just a good mood. Such communication will help you to be inspired by new achievements and recharge your batteries.

You can increase your energy in other ways that will not only give you strength, but also strengthen your natural defense against negative influences.

Wednesday January 4th is a busy day

Mid-week will help with the conclusion of contracts and the conduct of important negotiations. Your communication and charm will play into your hands and attract the right people. Also any business trips and trainings will be successful.

This will not only increase your experience, but also improve your financial condition.

The day will be quite intense in terms of events and emotions experienced. Do not hesitate to share your positive with others. Open to new friends and chat.

But if you feel that negative thoughts are beginning to prevail, listen to a short audio meditation that will lead your inner state to harmony.

Sunday January 8th is the day to take stock.

The end of the week is suitable for gathering information and analyzing actions. Look at what you managed to do during this period, what you have achieved, and what remains to be completed. Consider whether your goals are relevant or need to be adjusted, and plan your action plan for the next week.

Such behavior will help to achieve stability and, as a result, will increase your level of income.

Unlike previous days, this one should be devoted to self-development and spiritual practices. Take time for yourself and listen to your desires. Think about what you want exactly, and what is imposed by society or the environment.

Thus, you will find harmony and be able to choose the right direction for further development.

The period from January 2 to January 8 will be accompanied by a rising moon. And this means an increase in vital energy and the rapid development of events. Be alert and watch out for luck.

A well-developed intuition will help you see the opportunities provided. The lunar calendar of favorable days wishes you new victories, mutual love, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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