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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from May 29 to June 4

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from May 29 to June 4

The days when the moon has the most positive energy, are particularly productive. The weekly lunar calendar reflects the most favorable dates on which everyone will be able to mobilize their strength to achieve well-being and success.

The end of May and the beginning of June the Moon will spend in a growing phase. This means that the energy of a person will increase every day, which is good for doing active business. Use positive affirmations every morning to make the day go on a positive wave.

Monday, May 29th is a stable day

The beginning of the growth of the Moon in the constellation of Cancer disposes to the streamlined activities and the slow completion of affairs. This period is successful for thinking through and preparing for the implementation of new plans and projects. The activity connected with the authorities and the filing of documents with the registration authorities is well advanced.

Increasing energy allows you to exercise to improve the tone of the body. In terms of health today is a good day for active walks in the fresh air in order to restore immunity.

On Monday, new acquaintances and relationships are quickly made, therefore, according to astrologers, this is a good day for romantic dates, friendly get-togethers and active communication with business partners.

Wednesday, May 31 — active day

The growth of the moon continues in the constellation Leo, and, despite the weak position of the night star, this day is successful for action. During this period, it will be good to organize and conduct sports and cultural events, work conferences, as well as informal communication with colleagues to rally the team. In the business sphere, it is worth doing things that do not require increased attention.

Zodiacal Leo provokes people to overestimate their own merits, so today acquaintance with the opposite sex in order to create a pair will be successful in strong-willed people with big ambitions.

Astrologers recommend today to do their own health and improve immunity with the help of healing herbs, moderate exercise and breathing exercises.

Thursday, June 1 — business day

The Moon in Virgo is a time for painstaking and thoughtful work. Today, according to the lunar calendar, is a favorable day for any previously planned financial transactions, expensive purchases, or property sales. Due to improved thought processes on Thursday, learning and new skills are well advanced.

The day is good for travel, trips and business trips. With the right approach and loyalty, new acquaintances are possible. Under the influence of Jupiter, intuition is sharpening, which will help to find the right approach to new friends.

8 lunar day — a good time to improve immunity. Use it to start a course of exercises that strengthen the body to withstand seasonal and chronic diseases.

The rise of the moon always provokes a rise in vital energy, and many people during this period are prone to emotional outbursts. The lunar calendar recommends using meditation practices and working with chakras to achieve inner harmony. We wish you success in everything, and do not forget to press buttons and

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