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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from July 25 to July 31

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from July 25 to July 31

The lunar calendar helps us decide on priorities and plan certain things for the most auspicious day.

This week is influenced immediately by several Zodiac Signs. Such a variety can slightly knock out the usual state and make confusion in the usual way of life. In order not to succumb too emotional differences, use a special meditation for inner harmony.

In general, the week will be quite fruitful if you can catch a moment in time and not miss the opportunities provided. However, it should be remembered about the decreasing phase of the moon and do not forget about proper rest.

Tuesday, July 26

The moon will be in the constellation Aries, so the day is great for statistical analysis and planning new cases. If you can set aside a little time and analyze your life as a whole, then you will discover many interesting things. You can also see what else you need to work on, and outline for yourself several courses that improve skills.

Along with this, one should remember about increased emotionality and impulsivity. If you fail to do any work, you should not pour out all the negative on others. Remember the law of Boomerang and try to think positively.

Wednesday and Thursday, July 26, 27

In contrast to Tuesday, these days are favorable for cases that require thoughtfulness and attention. The close interaction of the moon with the constellation of Taurus during this period will strengthen your mental abilities and adjust to the working mode. Also at this time it is possible to raise the question of your promotion and further career growth before the authorities.

Of course, you should prepare for this conversation in advance and remember all your professional achievements and positive qualities.

But to make spontaneous decisions today is not worth it. This can lead to unpredictable results, which will later turn into a solid negative. If you did not have time to start a new project on Tuesday, then on Wednesday and Thursday it is better to postpone this venture.

Friday, July 28

On this day, the waning moon will fall under the influence of Gemini Zodiac, which will lead to an energy surge and fresh creative ideas. That is why today you should not hesitate. The best solutions will be those who first came to your head. Now the most important thing is to catch the moment and tune in to the wave of luck.

Everything else will follow later. Dare and do not be afraid of the difficulties encountered.

But with hard work you will have to wait, because it will be difficult for you on this day to sit still and pay attention to only one question for a long time. But you can take on several minor matters at once, which you can easily complete in one day.

Sunday, July 31

The last day of this month will take place under the influence of the constellation of Cancer. This time is favorable for unhurried classes and debriefing. Write down on paper all your achievements that you managed to accomplish this month, and rejoice in success.

After that, you can safely plan your future, taking into account previous mistakes.

Today you should not hurry and rush things, just enjoy this day and enjoy everything from everything. Unhurried walks in the fresh air will also help to put thoughts in order and find inner harmony.

Despite the fact that the moon has entered a descending phase, this period can also be lived with benefit. After all, the decline of lunar energy allows us to cleanse ourselves of all the negative and unnecessary things in our life. Here you will find detailed information on what can be done during the waning moon. The lunar calendar wishes you new achievements, more joyful days, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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