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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from January 23 to January 29

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from January 23 to January 29

The lunar calendar reflects the most favorable days of the week. His recommendations will help you plan your time correctly and successfully accomplish the most significant things.

The first month of the year is coming to an end. Opportunities for accomplishments this week will be enough, but for success you can always take advantage of effective whispers. They will help to gain self-confidence and make every day successful and happy.

Monday, January 23: Passive Day

The waning moon turns into Sagittarius. This day is characterized by passive energy and slow decisions. On Monday, it is worthwhile to postpone matters requiring increased attention, and give preference to a peaceful pastime.

Accepting the implementation of responsible tasks is possible if you are confident in your abilities.

The emotional background is unstable, so you should pay attention to their statements and judgments. Art therapy will help restore energy balance. Coloring mandalas, for example, will also allow you to fulfill a cherished desire or to attract love into your life.

Nothing threatens health on this day, but weather-dependent people need to carefully monitor their well-being — astrologers do not exclude minor geomagnetic bursts.

Tuesday January 24th: Emotional Day

The moon continues to decline. The influence of Sagittarius is conducive to the completion of current affairs and measured planning. On Tuesday, a good choice would be to devote your free time to your favorite activity or a walk in the fresh air. Successful planned work trips, as well as travel.

It will not be out of place to take advantage of prayers on the road.

Timely rest will help to maintain a positive attitude. Allow yourself to relax and have a mini-holiday. Classes like will help to return a good mood and return the courage.

Moderate exercise on this day is welcome, but do not forget about safety.

Wednesday, January 25: Day of mental labor

One of the most favorable days of the week. The patronage of Mercury on Wednesday allows you to concentrate on important tasks and hold successful business meetings. The influence of Zodiacal Capricorn is well reflected in cases related to jurisprudence and negotiations with government officials.

Those who are facing serious purchases or deals should use conspiracies to attract financial well-being.

Relations on this day are reduced to a quiet gathering with your family or close friends. To avoid overwork, you should abandon the energy-intensive noisy parties or long-distance travel.

Thursday, January 26th: the day of household chores

The lunar calendar advises to save diminishing energy and to do postponed household chores. Cleaning and methodical analysis of things will adjust in a philosophical way and allow you to think about a strategy for the near future. At work, you should take a lull and calmly complete the projects started.

Personal relationships should not be overshadowed by mutual recriminations. The lunar calendar recommends that you dedicate the evening to each other and relax in a comfortable home environment. Watching a movie or jointly discussing plans will help bring together and strengthen mutual understanding.

Saturday, January 28: creative day

New moon and the influence of Aquarius allow you to unleash creativity. Saturday lunar calendar recommends a use for themselves. Your favorite hobby and concentration on your needs will make this day a good and positive one.

In the New Moon period, the gift of foresight and intuition is revealed. At this time it is worth listening to the inner voice. He will tell you the best way out of this situation and save you from reckless actions.

The Sabbath day is filled with the rising energy of the Moon: it can be devoted to various rituals aimed at fulfilling desires and attracting finance. Emotionally stable day is favorable for new acquaintances and vigorous activity. Couples should set aside a home ruin and take a joint trip or a short trip.

Week from January 23 to January 29 will give a lot of favorable days. To not miss your chance of success, use affirmations for every day. They will help you focus on the essence of the issue and bring a positive to your life. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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