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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from May 22 to 28

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from May 22 to 28

Favorable days, when the phase of the moon and the constellations help to achieve well-being, is every week. Find out when the influence of the night luminary will be most successful, will help the lunar calendar.

In the week from May 22 to 28 there will be another New Moon. On May 25, some cases need to be suspended to avoid mistakes and blunders. However, the energy of the day is beneficial for the rituals of good fortune, wealth and fulfillment of the most cherished desires.

May 24, Wednesday is an auspicious day.

The waning moon in Taurus, the sign of material well-being, promises a great time for all sorts of planned financial events. On this day, luck literally walks on its heels, and it is possible to attract its favor with the help of effective whispers. According to astrologers, on Wednesday, mental abilities are enhanced, which allows you to make the right choice and succeed in business.

Buying or selling apartments, land and cars on May 24 will be successful. The advice of partners and competent people will help you make the right decision and will become irreplaceable with a difficult choice.

The 28th lunar day is successful for family relationships and easy communication, but astrologers recommend avoiding sensitive issues and simply enjoying a company of beloved people.

May 26, Friday — the day of new beginnings

The rise of the moon on Friday will be held in the constellation Gemini. This time is good for things that require energy and instant decision-making. Things are going well, aimed at implementing plans and projects.

Successful financial transactions, the collection and analysis of information, training and application of new knowledge in practice.

The body begins to accumulate strength in order to direct them to active actions, so today it is worth paying attention to physical training in order to increase your energy endurance. Moderate loads will keep the body in good shape and will become an additional source of excellent mood.

Due to the large amount of energy, new relationships are quickly established, partners find a common language. Romance and dates on this day will be useful to those who are in search of the second half, and couples.

May 28, Sunday — development day

Moon rise continues in the Sign of Cancer. This time is suitable for thoughtful work on your projects and moving up the career ladder. Favorable work and the completion of current affairs.

On Sunday, success will bring pre-planned business meetings and trading.

The day is good for starting meditative practices and caring for your psychological state. Moderate loads will give the opportunity to control the emotional background and find harmony with the outside world.

The stage of rethinking and development is pushing people towards new solutions, so today frank recognition and withdrawal of relations to a new level are quite likely. For good luck in love affairs, you should use effective whispers for love.

An increase in energy is characteristic of the rising moon phase, so people respond faster to external changes. Use the proposed recommendations for your own benefit and listen to the advice of loved ones. This will help you take the right action to succeed. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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