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Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from January 16 to January 22

Lunar calendar of favorable days for the week from January 16 to January 22

Lunar calendar helps to avoid problems and attract good luck. Knowing which days this week will be the most favorable, you will be able to correctly plan your time and successfully cope with any business.

Each lunar day has its pros and cons, however, it often happens that some lunar days turn out to be incredibly positive and filled with positive with minimal impregnations of failures. On such days one cannot allow oneself to remain inactive. Now is the period of the January decline of the Moon.

This means that there will be more favorable days than usual.

January 17 — spiritual Tuesday

The Virgin and the waning Moon on the 19th lunar day will be in dissonance, but this will not prevent the stars from making Tuesday positive. It will be a great time to think about the high, as well as for romance and love. Stars will show you the right path to happiness, but not material, but internal. Astrologers recommend believing people to spend their time praying.

If you like to practice meditation, then such practices will also have particular success. Self-analysis will help you see yourself from the outside, which is sometimes very useful.

Do not let anyone put a stick in your wheels, but do not inflate this scandal. Be more restrained than usual, so as not to do anything extra. 19 lunar day can bring a lot of problems to lovers to support the conflict.

January 18 is an auspicious day for rest.

Scales make themselves known. On such days, the energetics of the stars and the Moon becomes calm and serene. The most positive thing on days like this is absolute freedom of action. If you want to work, then nothing bad will come of it.

If you want to relax properly, you should avoid contact with problems. Step into the shadow of the burning rays of commitment and allow yourself to relax for a while.

Rest in solitude, and surrounded by loved ones, but do not use for this noisy places, as well as alcohol. The lunar calendar recommends not to leave the house after work, but to stay in a warm chair or bed and watch an interesting movie or read a book. Maybe you want to order a pizza and arrange a small holiday — this will also be very useful on the 20th lunar day.

Wednesday night is something like a mini-weekend at the height of the work week.

January 19 is the most auspicious day of the week.

Thursday promises to be extremely pleasant for people of all professions and views. 21 lunar days will be held under the auspices of Libra, which can encourage you to do nothing, but this is not the best scenario.

On Thursday, astrologers strongly recommend developing vigorous activity, not only intellectual, but also physical. Clean up at home, if you have nothing to do, go to the gym, meet old friends, take more time with your hobby. Absolutely anything that may require mental or physical effort will be helpful.

It is worth noting that people who are engaged in the intellectual sphere, namely in the field of creative work, the stars and the waning moon will give incredible luck in business. On Thursday, you can safely take additional projects and not be afraid to stay at work until it stops.

It will be a very productive day for everyone who wants to work and has certain plans for the future. If you do not have goals, then it’s time to determine them, because the best time for this may not be very long.

January 20 — energetic Friday

Scorpio breaks into the scene always in a hurry. This means that tomorrow there will be no such power and fuse. Friday will be an excellent time for outdoor activities and for teamwork.

Those who like to break away as astrologers advise to rest for the whole weekend at once.

If a lot of cases and problems have accumulated during the working week, then you can solve them by staying up late at work. The same applies to household chores.

On Friday, sexual energy will be enhanced, which is also better implemented accordingly. Put yourself in the hands of passion and do not be afraid of the consequences. Finding the love of all life on this day is unlikely to succeed, for many people will be ready to do anything, just not to be alone.

This is a day of dating, but not high spiritual love and romantic dates. This is a day of spontaneity. If you like to rest so that later it was something to remember, then on Friday such leisure will be very successful.

January 22 — the day of changing the situation

On the last day of the week it is best to just relax, but not this time. Scorpio, temporarily lost his power, will return to remind once again that you can’t easily pull a fish out of the pond. This concerns not only work and chores, but also love questions.

Even in order to rest properly, sometimes the right approach is required.

On Sunday, astrologers advise you to do unusual things. Change your occupation for at least one day to develop an interest in life. Finding hobbies and hobbies today can end successfully with a greater likelihood than any other day.

According to the lunar calendar, this day will be very favorable for anyone who wants a change in life.

Follow the advice of astrologers, so that any business is given to you easily. Increase your energy to be ready for any problems. On favorable days everything is possible, so do not hang your nose and drive away all doubts.

Let this week be a landmark for you. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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