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Lunar calendar of favorable days for March

Lunar calendar of favorable days for March of the year

The energy of the moon is changeable and unstable: sometimes it deprives us of strength, and sometimes, on the contrary, gives luck. With the lunar calendar you can plan important things for the most favorable days.

The first month of spring brings change and renewal. The growing moon in March gives the days positive energy, so this period will give many opportunities to achieve goals. Use also effective conspiracies on the moon to enlist the support of an earth satellite.

However, the positive energy of the night star is not always stable, so you need to rely on yourself.

Friday and Saturday, March 3 and 4: deal days

The growing moon will spend these days in the zodiac Taurus. Its energy is increasing, which favorably affects the work. During this period financial transactions will be successful, as well as productive cooperation in business.

Thanks to the increased mental abilities, work on scientific projects is well advanced, knowledge is easier to digest, so use this time to improve your professional skills and broaden your horizons. Friday under the influence of Venus is good for new acquaintances and romantic dates. The day off is favorable for love relationships and pleasant surprises.

Wednesday, March 15: the day of emancipation

The waning moon in the constellation of Libra gives the day a positive energy. At this time there is a decline in energy, which leaves an imprint on the activity. The period is good for relaxing and socializing with loved ones. In personal relationships, there is a period of complete trust.

In order not to disturb the idyll, try to surround your soul mate with care. According to the lunar calendar on March 15 of the year — the right time to enter into marriage unions. Astrologers believe that a good combination of stars and planets contributes to strong relationships. In the workplace ruled by Mercury, the patron of the environment.

This day is successful for mental work and making informed decisions.

Sunday March 19: active day

The moon continues to decline and moves to the constellation Sagittarius. This union is successful for physical activity. Traveling, playing sports and walking in the fresh air contribute to a good mood and increase the overall tone of the body.

In the field of work there comes a period when active mental activity gives way to reverie. To focus on responsible affairs, you need to make some effort. Effective conspiracies will help to maintain efficiency and attract good luck.

The waning moon in Sagittarius is conducive to self-development. The influence of the Sun, the patron saint of Sunday, bestows invigorating energy that can be channeled into the creative channel.

Monday, March 20: the day of completion

The union of the moon and Sagittarius during this period is successful for the completion of current affairs. New ideas today will be difficult to implement, so astrologers recommend focusing on the implementation of basic duties. A good lesson will be planning for the week.

Monday is good for productive communication with colleagues, exchange of experience, and also for solving bureaucratic issues. The waning moon destabilizes the emotional state, so the lunar calendar recommends using positive attitudes to maintain a good mood throughout the day.

Thursday, March 23: the day of creative activity

The moon in Aquarius endows the day with passive energy, but this time is characterized by a surge of creative abilities and the activation of abstract thinking. Thursday is ideal for spiritual development and relaxation. Using the practice of meditation will help to understand yourself and think about the future strategy of behavior.

On this day, engaging in favorite things, as well as unhurriedly completing current work, will save energy, as the waning moon does not provide enough energy for active activities. Emotional instability and frequent mood changes affect communication, so use this time for privacy and self-development.

Thursday, March 30: business day

The growth of the moon and its presence in the constellation Taurus endow the day with stable energy, sufficient for productive work. On Thursday, the solution of critical issues and problems is well managed, mental activity increases, which is favorable for making deals. Jupiter increases intuitive abilities that help make informed decisions and avoid mistakes and troubles.

The lunar calendar recommends that at the end of March to restore order in personal relationships, after carefully listening to your soul mate. Today, new acquaintances will benefit, and an increased ability to analyze the situation will help to avoid trouble and incidents.

Use the recommendations of the lunar calendar for each day, so that good luck accompanies you constantly. Remember that diplomacy and a positive attitude help to avoid many troubles. We wish you success in all your endeavors, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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