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Lunar calendar of favorable days for July

Lunar calendar of favorable days for July

You can become more successful if you choose the right day to implement your plans. Astrology knows all about the influence of the Stars and planets on our lives. Already you can find out which days will be the most favorable in July.

Favorable days in July of the year

July 2 and 3: the last two days before the New Moon, the Earth satellite will be in the constellation Gemini. This is an extremely good time not only for communication or work. Financial transactions, work with securities, any monetary worries will be solved these days easily and quickly.

Under the favorable influence of the Gemini Sign, the intellect is very clearly manifested, therefore luck accompanies teachers and students, traders, people of any profession where it is necessary to work with information. You can find out more about these and not only days in the solar calendar.

5’th of July: Another prosperous July day will be influenced by the constellation of Cancer. Astrologers recommend to begin medical fasting. You can effectively cleanse your body and, if necessary, maintain your good shape.

As the moon began to grow, vital energy will gradually increase. It is advisable to devote time to the family and take care of their loved ones and closest people.

July 9: to this day, the moon will be in the constellation Virgo. His influence is not just suitable for hard and painstaking work. As a result, your efforts will be rewarded, perhaps not only with words of gratitude and new friendships or partnerships. This day is favorable for solving banking issues.

Intuition may be exacerbated, due to which the gift of foresight will appear.

the 14 th of July: The moon in the constellation Scorpio will give you strength and confidence. It will be noticeable critical thinking that will allow the most sober assessment of their capabilities and the real abilities of opponents or enemies. You can understand yourself.

Having determined that it is fundamentally important and necessary for you, you will no longer devote time to something secondary and outside.

21 July: the constellation of Aquarius is known for endowing a person with a variety of original ideas and stimulating thinking. Astrologers claim that this is one of the most favorable days of the month for entering into contracts and entering into marriage. Well deal with matters related to jurisprudence as well as social work.

July 28th: very positive day in all respects. You will feel financial stability and be able to show enough diligence in the workplace. The Zodiac sign Taurus will come into force, which is extremely positive for solving material problems.

Real estate affairs are also going well. You can improve your financial position this month by listening to the advice of a financial horoscope for your Zodiac.

The most dangerous days of July of the year

July 18: The moon will be in the constellation of Capricorn. Its influence can cause some monetary difficulties, for example, a salary delay. It is dangerous that this day falls on Monday, which is traditionally considered to be the day under the auspices of the Moon. This Sign of the Zodiac is not favorable for our Earth satellite, therefore some negative influence may appear.

For example, feelings and emotions will be completely confused. Enemies and friends may even be reversed, and perception as a whole is illusory.

July 22: on this day the constellation Pisces will have a particularly strong influence. Under its influence, the concentration is usually significantly reduced, so the workflow may slow down somewhat. It is believed that this day, the 18th lunar day, will be associated with some difficulties.

There may be unexpected problems where they were not particularly expected. The mood will affect its volatility, so there may be resentment, later turning into conflicts. It is necessary to exercise prudence and to be restrained.

If the day turned out to be unsuccessful, you will easily be able to use affirmations, meditations or other methods to charge yourself with luck for the whole day. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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