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Lunar calendar of favorable days for January

Lunar calendar of favorable days for January of the year

The new year comes into force, setting its own rules. With the help of the lunar calendar for January of the year, you will learn the most favorable days in which all things will certainly develop successfully.

Councils of astrologers, long engaged in studying the influence of the moon, will help make plans for the near future. Productive work and a positive attitude — that is so necessary for everyone. The lunar energy will help in achieving the goals set, and the recommendations of the lunar calendar will warn against rash actions and deeds.

Tuesday, January 3: rest day

6 lunar days under the influence of the Sign of the Virgin will be held in a relaxed atmosphere. The phase of the growing moon weakens attentiveness and enhances the ability to predict and intuitive feeling. This day, astrologers recommend to spend on outdoor activities. A good choice would be walks that will increase immunity and energize.

Those who are going to travel, it is useful to enlist the support of the Higher Forces for a successful road.

The increase in energy will allow you to start productive work and make plans for the near future. Productive work under the influence of Mars is possible if it is possible to fully concentrate. Success awaits energetic and motivated people.

Tuesday is good for active physical exertion. Athletes lunar calendar predicts success. The energy spent on this day is quickly restored and does not threaten fatigue.

Wednesday, January 4th: Rethinking Day

The growing moon on the 7th lunar day is characterized by an aggravation of the thinking process. The influence of Mercury is beneficial for the implementation of previously conceived ideas and fruitful work. The accumulated energy is still not large enough for intensive activity. Astrologers advise you to do current and pending cases.

The day is successful for those whose work involves active communication with people.

In terms of relationships, the environment is good with new insights. Rethinking and the desire to bring business and personal relationships to a new level will bring positive results. The environment is characterized by new beginnings — everything that was conceived today has great chances for successful implementation.

Sunday, January 15: day of communication

Zodiacal Virgo affects emotions and feelings. The period is good for doing current work and communication. Transactions concluded today, will turn into success in the near future.

Astrologers recommend on this day not to neglect the possibility of training and self-education. Knowledge gained on this day is easier to learn than usual.

Sunday, passing under the Sun, fills the day with positive energy, which is suitable for productive communication. This time is favorable for restoring lost friendships and new relationships. Star couples are advised to spend time with the family and enjoy the sincere communication with loved ones and relatives.

Thursday, January 19: Day of Physical Activity

The waning moon on Thursday is at the peak of activity. The day is good for active physical activities. Enhance immunity will contribute to fresh air and sports. The third moon phase is favorable for new beginnings.

Astrologers recommend devoting this day to creativity as well.

Jupiter has a beneficial effect on relationships. On this day, romantic dates will help open true feelings and raise relationships to a new level. 21 lunar days are favorable for traveling, teamwork.

Water treatments will energize and help restore vital energy.

Friday January 20th: Responsible Decision Day

The third quarter phase has a positive effect on the implementation of the plans and ideas conceived. The growing moon gives energy for responsible affairs and their successful completion. The lunar calendar advises not to postpone the planned visit to the doctor.

The influence of Venus helps in quick recovery from any surgical interventions and contributes to the speedy cure of ailments.

22 lunar day under the influence of Scorpio is successful for positive communication with colleagues, business partners and a loved one. The energy of peace and tranquility allows you to easily and naturally find the right words and establish yourself as a responsible and reliable person.

Wednesday, January 25th: Calm Day

Patron of the 27th lunar day is Mercury. This time is favorable for the completion of previously pending cases. Astrologers recommend avoiding conflicts — they can be a significant obstacle to the implementation of plans.

The influence of Capricorn will provide a good mood and attract good luck to those who are going on a journey.

The lunar calendar advises to refrain from financial transactions and major purchases. The energy of the waning moon adversely affects the cash flow, so all financial issues should be postponed to a more suitable time. If possible, do not lend money — this is fraught with a long return and subsequent bad luck financially.

Thursday, January 26: Passive Day

A new moon is approaching, and energy is also declining. This day is characterized by measured activity. Astrologers recommend not to spend extra energy and not to take on several tasks at the same time.

Thursday is good for recuperation after a busy day. Delicious and healthy energy drinks will help restore immunity and recharge your body in winter evening.

Jupiter, under the auspices of which will be held 28 lunar day, affects the perception and intuition. Ability to feel the heart of all the pitfalls will get around the trouble and stay on top. Also on this day, it is recommended to listen to the opinion of more experienced and wise people.

Their opinion will be important in decision-making and will give considerable support in a difficult situation.

Saturday, January 28th: ​​Health Day

On the second lunar day, the renewed energy of the Moon favorably affects those who decide to work on their bodies and increase their overall tone. The phase of the new moon is good for starting a diet. This day will be useful for light physical exertion.

They will help to support the body in vigor and save from colds.

On Saturday, the influence of Saturn will assist in self-education and creative activity. Slow work and completion of affairs will be a good solution for today. Mood shifts can have a negative effect on personal relationships.

Affirmation for every day from Natalia Pravdina will help maintain a positive attitude.

In general, January will be favorable for any undertakings. A more detailed forecast you will find in the lunar calendar for each day. Remember that a good mood and a positive attitude give a good start for the whole day.

Happiness lies in the details, so try not to dwell on the troubles. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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