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Lunar calendar of favorable days for February

Lunar calendar of favorable days for February of the year

The lunar calendar of favorable days for February of the year will help anyone to build their plans in the most rational way. Information about favorable days can be used to not only maximally protect oneself from problems, but also to achieve the best results in business.

The most favorable days of February

The most favorable days in February can be considered days near New Moon. These will be only two days — this February 7 and 8, the time of activity of Aquarius. In this short period, you need to keep your life as active as possible, plan for the future and start new business.

Inaction can lead to the loss of favor of Fortune.

Also worth noting 2-3 February, 4-5, 9, 14, 25, and February 28-29. These days the warnings are minimal. These lunar days are similar in energy with the New Moon.

On the days of Capricorn activity, 5-6 numbers, try to focus on business and work, as well as small business trips. The waning Moon in Scorpio 2 numbers will be more like the New Moon, because Scorpio has a positive effect on any new undertakings, allows you to successfully predict the future, and also makes your mental work more fruitful.

The most unfavorable days of the month

February is not rich in contrasts this year, so there will not be any special drops in favorable days, although a few words should be said about the influence of Aries during the rising moon February 11, 12 and 13. These days will be full of cautions, so read more in our daily lunar calendar. Now it should be said that for these three days it is desirable to exclude negative emotions from your life.

Try to cope with them inside yourself, not throwing out the negatives outside.

On February 11, 12 and 13 people will be irritable and extremely impulsive. The lunar calendar proposes to focus on rest and on self-development. Unexpected problems that are impossible to predict and somehow fix are possible. February 7, 26 and 27.

We advise you to be as careful as possible these days.

Finance, career, love, health, mood

Health Days in February — from February 11 to February 13 and from February 18 to February 22. During these periods, sports will have the best effect. On other days, try to limit yourself in physical activity. Similarly, the mood will rise on the appropriate days — it will not be easy to knock you out of a rut.

At other times, try to avoid conflicts and nervous situations.

Concerning of love, The best days for romantic dates, joint events and dating are February 14, February 24 and 25. What is particularly interesting this February is the falling out of an auspicious day on the 14th — on Valentine’s Day. Your love dreams can become a reality on this day — the main thing is to try your best.

February 2, 3 and 9 will be the best days to achieve business area. 9 numbers will help you in this Pisces. They will make the day favorable for creativity. For shopping The best of the day can be considered February 7, 8, 24, 25, 29.

These days, the sixth sense will be sharpened, and logic will prevail over emotions.

February is very stable — the lunar calendar of favorable days predicts good luck to all who will be moderately risky, cheerful and determined to succeed. At this time, much will decide the right attitude and the right thoughts. Be happy, lucky and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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