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Lunar calendar of favorable days for December

Lunar calendar of favorable days for December of the year

Since ancient times, astrologers have been following the influence of the moon and its cycles on human behavior and emotions. You can learn favorable days for December with the help of the lunar calendar.

Confidence in the future and positive perception are important components on the way to achieving your goals. The energy of the moon can help, and can even harm, those who misuse their forces. The advice of astrologers and knowledge of the favorable days of December will be a good help in drawing up plans for the near future and choosing the time for active work.

Sunday, December 4 — the day of peace

The influence of Aquarius on the growing moon is favorable for any mental activity. On the sixth lunar day, creative activities and the organization of various meetings and conferences are recommended. But astrologers advise to avoid long trips and long-distance trips: they are able to tire and cause headaches.

The sixth lunar day is filled with the energy of water and air, which are intertwined with each other and require composure and balance. Tibetan astrologers believe that at this time it is best for a person to distance himself from everything and engage in self-knowledge through meditation. Some detachment from daily responsible affairs is permissible and welcome.

It is believed that this day is able to open the gift of clairvoyance in magically gifted people. Some on this day will have prophetic dreams and the possibility of influencing fate will appear. Despite some lethargy, do not miss the opportunity to get rid of stagnant energy in the house and improve your condition through magical cleaning and cleaning the room from negative energy.

Monday, December 5th — the day of the word

Words on the seventh lunar day gain strength and can improve your life. You can achieve success with the power of the word with the use of affirmations. Astrologers do not recommend getting involved in quarrels and conflicts on this day — words with a negative message will have consequences for energy and health.

If possible, abandon responsible projects and mass events.

The element of air is favorable for poets and writers. The power of the word, especially prayer, is increasing and becoming reality. Enlist the support of the Higher Forces and ask them for health and well-being for you and loved ones.

Those who go on a long journey, will help «parting word», spoken heartily.

The energy of creation flows into a person and should be directed to the implementation of plans and mental activity. It is not recommended to carry the energy of destruction and negative, even to tear the paper or flowers on this day.

Tuesday, December 6th — Rethinking Day

The eighth lunar day corresponds to the element of fire. The tests of this day transform a person and transform his condition. At this time, people experience emotional instability and nervousness.

To restore inner harmony will help a positive attitude and faith in their own strength.

Transformation of personality at the energy level goes through drastic mood swings. Having coped with his emotional component, a person soon realizes himself on the other hand and discovers new talents. All changes that occurred to you in the eighth lunar day, take for granted.

The day is favorable for the preparation of healing broths and drinks that enhance the immune system. In the field of work is not recommended leadership position. Use the energy of this day for the implementation of affairs and plans that could not be implemented earlier.

In domestic affairs, the Stars are favorable to transplanting plants and preparing your home for the upcoming holidays.

Tuesday, December 13 — active day

The influence of Gemini on the growing moon continues, and the accumulated energy requires an exit. Some kind of energy recharge occurs. A fruitful day gives guarantees for quick recovery and good luck in future affairs.

Favorable time for the implementation of the conceived and new connections in the field of business.

Patronage of Mars will allow energetic and ambitious people to succeed in all areas of their activities. Satisfaction will bring a favorite activity and an evening spent in the company of congenial people.

For those who care about their health, it’s time for exercise.
Astrologers recommend not to enter into conflicts and spend energy to work and promote their bold ideas and projects. Good luck accompanies those who are not afraid of change and actively defend their point of view.

Tuesday, December 20th — Passive Day

The waning moon is in Virgo, and makes the twenty-first lunar day less active. Energy with the moon phase decreases. Stars recommend to leave things that require activity and mental stress, and to deal with current issues and long-term planning.

At risk are people entering into conflicts and pulling the blanket. Disputes and disagreements weaken the energy and carry headaches and deterioration of the general condition. In order to pass the day with the maximum benefit and impact on the energy level, use the talisman for your Zodiac.

It will save from rash actions and will not allow negative energy to affect mood and performance.

Unspent potential is beneficial for spiritual growth. This day is created for prayers and purification. Sincere faith and the power of your word will help you realize your plans and enlist the support of Heavenly forces in the fulfillment of your innermost desire.

Wednesday, December 21 — day of rest

The right time to rest and rethink their actions. The moon in Libra is favorable for communication and discussion of plans for the future. Making responsible decisions is better to be postponed for another time.

Cooperation will bear fruit if you do not enter into confrontation.

Astrologers consider this day to be optimal for the transfer of accumulated experience and the assimilation of new information. On the twenty-second lunar day you should not indulge your laziness and spend time in idleness. Moderately active rest will allow to find balance of energy and will give cheerfulness. To clear the mind of heavy thoughts is recommended to those who have to go a long way.

Signs and plots will protect from trouble, as well as give confidence in the welfare and safety of the trip.

Monday, December 26 — the day of intuition

Zodiac sign Sagittarius in the waning moon contributes to the decline of energy and leads thought into abstract thinking. The day on the twenty-seventh lunar day is best spent in search of new knowledge and self-improvement. Intuition during this period becomes aggravated and helps to make the right decisions.

In the case of an unsolvable problem or doubt in the correct choice, astrologers recommend listening to the sixth sense.

Try not to pay attention to everyday trifles, and you will discover the true meaning of the actions of colleagues and loved ones. The hidden meaning today in everything: in words, actions, attitudes. It is possible to develop extrasensory abilities in oneself and fulfill a cherished desire by the power of thought.

A healthy lifestyle and moderate physical activity have a beneficial effect on the state as a whole and empowering people to move on.

The aggravation of intuitive abilities Stars are recommended to direct to gain additional knowledge and gain experience from wiser tutors. Do not try to understand with the mind all that will happen today. Emotions and feelings of people are naked, their actions may seem to be meaningless, so try to avoid conflicts and quarrels that can lead to parting and bitterness.

Tuesday, December 27th — mystical day

The twenty-eighth lunar day is the time to take stock and evaluate your actions. The motto of the day: «You reap what you sow.» The trouble that has happened will be the result of your unseemly deeds in the past.

Surprises and rewards will be given to those who led a correct lifestyle and worked on their spiritual body.

Astrologers recommend not to relax and continue to work on yourself so that luck does not turn away, and also consider this day favorable for work in almost all areas of activity. The main task of today will be to take for granted everything that happens and draw the right conclusions. With the proper distribution of forces and opportunities, you will get the favor of the Stars and enlist their support for further success.

Spiritual enlightenment will bring peace and harmony to life. A person in a dream and in reality is aware of his beingness and is charged with the energy of the Cosmos. Enlightenment and energy balance today are achieved through meditations and prayers for help in finding the right solution.

Detailed forecasts you will receive from the lunar calendar for each day. Be open to new knowledge and remember that cultivating virtue in yourself is an integral part of life. Positive attitude and self-reliance will help in your aspirations. We wish you all the best, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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